Friday 22 March 2024

A Trip to San Sebastien del oeste

WHERE ARE WE? San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco, Mexico

Today we headed out on a holiday from our vacation.  Actually we are not on a vacation because we actually live in our motorhome and it just happens to have wheels on it and takes us where ever we want to go.  Because we will not take Percy with us to San Sabastian, we are actually on a holiday!!!  Rhonda and Ken climbed in the Jeep with us and away we went.  First stop was Bucerius and as we were getting gas about 10 motorcycle cops pulled up beside us.  They had been part of a parade of some kind I guess and it was donut time!!!  Or maybe taco time!!

We took a back road out of Bucerius because we like to take in the scenery in the country.  It was a beautiful drive with lots of great scenery.  We went from a tropical jungle type surrounding, to an agricultural area, and then into mountains with lush forests of pine trees kinda like in BC.

Even a dead tree

We went through some pretty little Pueblo's and stopped in one to check out the church.  Most towns have a nice church near the town square.

I remember people telling me years ago that if you go to Mexico and leave your vehicle on the side of the road someone will steal everything off of it.  Well guess what?  I think its true!!!   

We kept on climbing up into the mountains with our destination being at about 5000 ASL.  We are told it gets cool at nights there.  We will see.  

Sue had researched a little place to stop along the way for a bite to eat. Panaderia Carmens Bakery was noted for its yummy treats.  It is in a garden like setting and there is a basket of hot empanada type things, so we tried some.  Each one is a meal in itself and they were sooo good.  Mine had chicken in some sort of sauce inside and was amazing.  The girls grabbed some strawberry pastry things to go as well and on we went.

We stopped once to look at a tree along the way.  At first we thought it was an apple tree but the fruit was super hard with like a shell on it.  Apparently it is a tecemate fruit.  The locals tell us it is not really good to eat. 

We got to San Sebastien in the early afternoon and were greeted by a colonial type town.  Most of the buildings were painted the same colour and pattern as was the practice in those times I guess.  The streets were super narrow and there was no real downtown.  Just little shops spread throughout the town.

We have a nice little air B&B for 2 nights on the second floor.  

This is our view off the balcony.

We took a little tour of the church and the plaza before heading out to supper.  The church was adorable.

We came across a neat little shop where they were weaving blankets on an old loom.  It was neat to watch how they weave the pattern into it.

Around the corner, a group of men were playing dominos. I didn't see any money but I'm sure there was some involved.

We had a lovely supper at a restaurant called Jardin Nebulosa.  It was a lovely spot, but a bit high end for me.  

I am a roast beef and mashed potatoes kinda guy and they had none of that here.  I had roast rabbit, and there was wild boar and lamb.  

The appetizer was about the size of a silver dollar but delicious!

My rabbit

Sues lamb

I hate to admit it, but it was very tasty and that poor bunny rabbit didn't stand a chance when I got a fork and knife in my hands.

We had a real nice evening with friends enjoying some things that we don't normally enjoy.  It's good to expand ones dining experiences.  

Just before bed I had to get out my shoe and deal with a pet spider who had settled in for the night in our bedroom.  Who knows how many more were just lurking in the curtains?   Good Nite!


  1. So very beautiful. Thank you for taking us along on your vacation.

  2. We went to San Sebastian a year ago last fall. It is quite the place. We went with a private tour guide and had a wonderful time. On the way, just before you get to town, on the left hand side, there is a hotel, I forget the name, but it is a wonderful place. We had lunch there, and the food was out of sight. The view from our seats outside was spectacular, I think you might see the ocean on a clear day. If you get a chance, it has very very nice grounds and the food is wonderful. Hope you enjoy your stay, we sure did.

  3. Sounds like a great getaway/vacation. The Spanish Missions are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. We took the local bus and hitchhiked up there. Man, that was quite a few years ago now...

  5. A great time. Love the drive, some interesting things to see.



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