Saturday 16 March 2024

Brandon to Calgary Today.

WHERE ARE WE? Calgary Alberta Canada

Last day in Rivers.  I headed back to Cj's to get some coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  My friend Brenda is taking me to the airport this morning so she is meeting me at the rink.  Cj's is in a fairly new large complex in town, so people like to come here for hockey and curling events and this one started at 8:30 am.

Fun to watch the little gals play

Streets were full this morning

My job this morning was to grab some supplies and make sure the girls had what was needed to service this tournament.  Obviously it wasn't too busy this morning but it did pick up in the afternoon apparently.

Emily giving till operation instructions

So my flight was for 1 o'clock and it would take me from Brandon to Calgary where I would stay overnight and catch a flight to PV early tomorrow.  Flying is always a hurry up and wait thing isn't it.  I don't mind the waits because I am a people watcher.  

A little bit of snow by the window just to make sure I don't forget.

We boarded on time and they gave the plane a little de-icing.  With temps like they are, icing is a problem with aircraft so they need to be sprayed down.  It tends to get all over the windows which annoys me, but better a blurred view than a plane in a pile in a field.

Once we got into western Saskatchewan we ran out of the snow on the ground.  Temperatures out west have been in the teens the past few days.

With a little clunk, the wheels came down and we were on final approach into Calgary about 2 hours later.  Nice smooth flight in the turbo prop.  My window had cleared a lot shortly after take off so I had good views.

Smooth landing and then of course the scramble to deplane.  Everyone is in a super big hurry and they just stand there waiting for the doors to open.  Not me.  I relax in my seat.

By the time I ambled off, everyone was long gone.  It was only 2 pm in Calgary so most people had connecting flights.  Not me.  I had a 19 hour layover so I was not in a hurry to go anywhere.

As I was leaving I walked by a big window and on the building across the road from the window was a mural of the Rockies.  It was very realistic looking.

And through the next window was the real skyline of Calgary.  The tower is no longer the highlight of the city in fact I had a tough time seeing it.  Can you?

I headed outside and caught the shuttle to my hotel. This time I got on the right bus!!  I am staying in the Comfort Inn Airport North.  

The room was great, way more than I needed!

There was a nice restaurant down the road about a half mile so I headed there on foot.  I did enjoy the walk and the food.

I did manage to catch a sunset from the restaurant just outside the dirty windows.  It was a sunset none the less.  Then home and off to bed.  Alarm set for 3:30 am!!!
Good Nite!!

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