Wednesday 27 March 2024

Out for a Drive Today

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Today Karl and Suzie headed north.  They pulled out about 9:30 and wound their way down the narrow street.  

We are gonna miss them and wish them a safe trip north.  They will not be back next year because they have new adventures to go on.  Everyone turned out to say goodbye.  Thanks for spending time with us.

A bunch of us decided to kinda follow them down the street because we were all going for a fresh fruit juice from the lady on the corner.  She makes the most yummy treats.

Of course Dani had to pet all her dogs along the way.

Sheri and Donovan wanted to take a tour up into the mountains and Sue was not feeling good today, so it was just the three of us as we headed out.  

We headed first to the town of Alta Vista which is on the side of a mountain.  Quite the view from up there.

Lots of flowers in that town.  Also we checked out some banana trees along the way.  I think they enjoyed going up there.

After that we headed south of town to El Monteon to check out the pineapple fields and then ended up at the bridge with the turtles.  We did get a picture of one, but spooked the most of them as we drove up.  Donovan sat and waited but they never re-appeared.

The kids were agast when they saw a National Guard truck with a machine gun mounted on the top going down the road.  We have sort of got used to that sort of thing.  No big deal.

We all headed down to Kenia's for some treats tonight.  She has got her place all decorated nicely for Easter. She seems to be very busy which is good.  We had some frappes.  Sheri even had to take over for a couple minutes while Kenia went for ice!!

We now have a hole in the RV park where our friends were for the winter.  It is that time of year when everyone moves along.

We captured a couple beauties on the beach for sunset.  We are sure enjoying their company!  Good Nite!!


  1. Sounds like a great drive. Hope Sue is feeling better.
    Sad to see friends leave but soon we are the ones leaving.

  2. Hope Sue is better. The trek north always comes…



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