Friday 15 March 2024

Just Hanging around Cj's Again.

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Manitoba

So today I was at Cj's at 6 am because it is delivery day for our supplier out of Winnipeg.  I sat there for almost 2 hours waiting for the truck to arrive.  It is a different truck and driver so there was a mix up somewhere.  Anyway, I waved goodbye to him about 8 am.  Whew!!  I'm not used to being up this early.

So Cj's doesn't open for another hour and the girls were not there yet, so I went ahead and changed the oil in all of the fryers.  Nice and sparkly clean again. 

I then headed back to Kaitlyns to have a shower and pack up my stuff.  I am starting my trip back to PV tomorrow morning.

I spent the rest of the day at Cj's helping where I could but mostly just hanging out visiting with friends.  

And we do have sunsets in Manitoba.  It has been a great day and the temp is still 3C at sunset.  Good Nite!

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