Wednesday 6 March 2024

At Least it Wasn't Bandido's

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

By the time Archie and I headed out on our morning walk, Joel had already raked the beach.  It makes it look so much better for everyone who spends time out there.  We don't sit on the beach nearly enough.

Later on Sue and I headed up to the Bodega to grab some things.  The Bodega is sort of a mini Mexican Walmart with a little bit of everything in it from soup to nuts to motorcycles.

One thing we go for are the fresh Bollio buns.  They are light and fluffy and so yummy.  We cleaned out the whole bin.  And only 2 peso's each.

After we got done there, I had to head down to Kenia's.  It seems the lock on the cafecito had been pried off and wrecked.  So I got my screwdriver and stopped by the Ferriteria and bought a new hasp and lock.  Then I went down and replaced and hid a key for Kenia.  I couldn't figure out why Kenia would not meet me down there when I replaced the lock, but I found out later as with a sheepish grin, Kenia admitted that she forgot her key this morning when she went to clean, and she got so mad that she tore the lock and hasp off the wall.  At least it wasn't bandido's!!!

Spent the evening just hanging around home, watching the kids play some video games and relaxing.  Great day again   Good Nite!


  1. So she broke in her own store. Interesting. Seems like a very relaxing area you're living in. No beaches here in Quartzsite.

  2. That Kenia! What a gal.
    This is Patsy

  3. I like the crate on the bike, frees up your hands for driving.
    Maybe a spare key might be helpful for such moments of forgetfulness. You can wire it or use a magnet to hold it out of sight.



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