Wednesday 13 March 2024

Lots of Things to Do Today

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Manitoba Canada

While I am in Rivers Susan is still back in La Penita, but seeing as I write the blog, I get to change the location to where I am I guess.  Today I have a fairly heavy schedule of things to do.  First thing is a meeting with a rep from Manitoba Housing.  We do contract caretaking of their facilities here in town and we have to update our training sometimes.  So I met him at 9:45 for a half hour meeting.  Then it was off to my Dr. appointment.  I am on a new medication which requires blood testing every 3 months so I thought I may as well see Doc Sawbones while I was at it.  He said I was in good health for an old fellow like me and sent me on my way.  

Then down to the Drug Store to pick up my prescription meds.  For some reason I was about a month short this year so I need them to see me through.

Then over to Cj's to hang out with Sheri for a couple hours.  Dani and Donovan were hanging around as well.  

And because I am President of Friends of Rivers Lake, we had a quick catch up meeting.  Its fortunate that we have a good Vice President who takes over for the winter months.  We have been awarded a large grant for a new dock on our lake and today we had to get our ducks in a row, ready to begin construction.  I think we are ready to go now.   I'm staying at our daughter Kaitlyns and one of the things she does for me every once in a while is invite me for spaghetti!  Susan doesn't like spagetti so Kaitlyn knows I like it and gets me a fill of it once in a while.  She does a real good job of it.  Thanks Kaitlyn.

Then some more time at Cj's and then to Sheri's for some games.  We had a lot of laughs.

Then they got a picture of the old guy fooling around on the organ.  This is the order my kids had back when they were taking lessons.  I used to love to play it but I have got pretty rusty.  That was it for my day.  Good Nite!!

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