Saturday 23 March 2024

Exploring San Sabastian de ouste

WHERE ARE WE? San Sebastian, Jalisco Mexico

Today was a little exploring day.  Ken and I headed to the local restaurant for breakfast.  All traditional food and was it ever yummy!!

Then we headed down the narrow streets to an even narrower dirt and cobblestone trail up to an abandoned mine.  There were only certain places where anyone could pass but we made out fine.

The old mine was amazing and we never did make it to the end.   The shaft went straight into the side of the mountain without any variation in elevation.  

We went around a few bends and then turned our lights off.  The darkness was black enough that you thought you could feel it.  There was a really stale smell in the air and there was no air movement.  I wondered if there was a vent shaft somewhere, but with the air being that still, I doubt there was.  

We headed back to town to pick up the girls to take a trip up the the look out at la Bufa.  It is 8.5 kms of windy narrow road up the mountain which took over and hour to drive, but when you get there, you can look for miles.  On a clear day you can supposedly see the ocean and PV from here.  Today was a bit hazy but we could certainly look down on San Sabastian.

Back down we went and checked out the old cemetery.  The old one had graves from the 1700's while the newer one was late 1800's.  Neat history to see.

We had supper at a little sidewalk cafe in the plaza where there was a birthday party for a 5 years old boy.  They pull out all the stops to celebrate birthdays.  There were tortilla's and ceviche and lots of cervesa and of course a 10 piece um pa pa band with bouncy castles on the side.  It was a bit loud, but hey, we are in Mexico and why would you spare expense on an important occasion like this!!!

A little walk down the hill and we were home for the night.  It was a great day of exploring.

A little observation to pass on.  Here in San Sabastian and area we noticed how clean it is.  There is very little garbage laying around and they have lots of recycling.  Our attention was drawn to the fact that the coke bottles are all glass.  Even the ones that look like the plastic ones are glass. Could this be helping with the cleanliness because there is a deposit on them? Also there are very few styrofoam plates that I could see.  I guess we will never know.   Good Nite!!

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  1. Wow, what a view! Well worth the effort. I wouldn’t have walked into the mine, no way! Although I may not have had to bend over. Lol.



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