Tuesday 12 March 2024

Calgary to Rivers

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Manitoba Canada

So we got to bed about 12 last night and were up at 6:30 this morning and into the "right" shuttle and off to the airport.  We went nice and early to make sure we didn't get caught in a security line up like they sometimes are at this time of day.

Actually there were not many flights going out of our gate area this morning and so security took 10 minutes maximum.  The kids loved the walking escalators as they called them and took a few strolls on them.  We found our gate quickly and spent the next couple hours just hanging out.

And on to the plane bound for Winnipeg and we were off!!  They even managed some smiles from those baggy eyes and that scraggly hair but hey, they were both still with me!!!

It wasn't long at all and we saw the flaps go down and felt the wheels clunk into place and we were on the runway.

We headed down the stairs and Greg (Dad) was there to greet them.  He drew the short straw and had to come pick us up in Winnipeg.  Thanks Greg

Some good old McDonalds and a play on the play structure and we were off on our 2 1/2 hour trip home.  We actually flew from Calgary faster than our trip from Winnipeg to Rivers!!

As we got close to Rivers, the amount of snow in the ditches increased.  They actually have quite a bit here.  I was so happy to be here that I put away my camera and never took another picture.  I hung around Cj's on Ice for a while and then headed to Kaitlyns for the night.  Good Nite!

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