Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Circuit board fixed.

Today is another repair day.  Our circuit board is being shipped this afternoon air freight and we will see if it helps.  We have a spot in the Good Life RV park which is a snowbird park just 5 miles from the repair facility.  It is an awesome place with a swimming pool and electrical hookups which we need until our generator is fixed.  The swimming pool is almost a necessity with temperatures in the mid 80s and the humidity ranging around 92%.   These are the times we have no problem paying for a site in a park.
Mid Florida Diesel called right after lunch and our part is in, so we headed over to get it installed.  Their shop is crowded and old but very workable.  There are a lot of mechanics working on all sorts of things.  The owner wanders around sharing his knowledge with all of the mechanics and even had time to sit and talk to me about politics and also gave me a big story on how the everglades work.

Looks messy but really quite organized for a back country shop.
 Josh is our electrical technician and is very knowledgeable about these things.  He went right to work changing it out.

Our generator is in the front of the Motorhome
And the difference between this place and the last shop that we were at is that Josh knows what he is talking about.  He showed me the board and the evidence that some of the diodes had been shorted out.  He tested them to show me.

The burned area where the short has happened due to moisture he thinks.
After he got it all together he tried the starter and success.  However he only tried it for a moment and said that the starter seemed really draggy.  I told him I have been having problems with it turning over real slow for a while now.  He tested it and it is drawing over 400 amps in the start position and 150 amps in the stop position.  This is not good and may account for why my batteries were dead after we got back from Mexico.  He did some more tests on the starter and we even saw smoke coming out of it at one point.  Time for a new starter.  They will get one ordered but it won't be here until tomorrow.  So back to the park we went and into the swimming pool to cool off.  Life is tough.  We will come back tomorrow to get the starter installed if it comes in

Our view tonight

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas (except for the rain)


  1. Is that rain or is your window really dirty? ;)

    1. I wondered if anyone would notice. Just before we went to get the circuit board put in it poured rain. So yes it is rain but yes the window is probably dirty too. Can't wait till there is a Born Free out the window.


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