Friday, 17 November 2017

Excitement on the beach.

We woke up this morning an looked out our front window, and there were our new neighbours already busy fishing. I'm so glad I'm not a fisherman because I would hate to have to get up in the morning that early.

It wasn't long before there was some action on the fishing rods.Our neighbour was into a nice fight with something that didn't want to come easily.

He battled away for probably 15 minutes before landing a real nice Jack Crevalle.

It was a good size fish but apparently they are not that great to eat. They have very dark meat and a strong taste. Our friends Tom and Norma like to can them and they turn out a lot like tuna so I think that's what will happen to this one. That was quite a catch.

It wasn't long before everyone went back to what they were doing either fishing or chatting or both.

Sue and I headed into town to scout out an RV dump and to do a bit of shopping. Sues new favourite grocery store is H.E.B. They have some pretty good deals. They do have the cheapest gas around here.

Tonight we headed over to the Indianola Fishing Marina. They have a Friday night steak special for $9.99 so we thought we would treat ourselves. We had been there last year and it was good. My pictures didn't turn out so I borrowed some from their web site.

It is a great little marina at the end of the road south. It sits in a little bay and you could almost throw a stone across to Port O'Conner, except it takes you about 45 minutes to drive around the bay to it. 

It reminds me a little bit of being in Mexico in that you sit and eat your steak at a picnic table on the deck right next to the water with people all around you fishing and hauling in fish. The lighting is dim on the deck with big flood lights illuminating the bay where everyone is fishing. It is definitely an experience and every person there is super friendly.

There were quite a few people catching fish tonight. Mostly Whiting and Gaff Tops. Fun to watch.

Indianola is the name given to this whole strip of land from Magnolia Beach up to the Marina. The Marina is located at the mouth of Powderhorn Bayou, it provides excellent fishing for trout, redfish and flounder. Previously known as Ed Bell's Bait Camp, this town has thrived on excellent fishing and duck hunting. Indianola is where German Immigrants came to settle in America. Once the largest Port on the Texas coast, several 1800's hurricanes came through and moved the people inward. Since that time the Galveston Port took over and the town seat of Indianola moved to Port Lavaca. Since Hurricane Carla in 1963, the people moved out, but the FISH are still here! Slowly people are coming back and Now Indianola is where the "Action" is! Come fish under the Lights or launch to fish your favorite fishing spot. The wells and jetties are just a short distance away.

The view out our window today looks very familiar.

Our Location Tonight: Magnolia Beach Texas - Boondocking


  1. We aren't fishing people either but that would be exciting watching them catching. For a while. My Dad could go fishing for hours on end in a little row boat and come back as happy as a pig in you know what with a couple of pike or trout for supper. We are all different, thank goodness for that!
    you have a beautiful spot there on the beach. Enjoy!

  2. That is quite the fish your neighbour caught. We saw some that were similar to that in the Barbados called Horse eyed jack so maybe it is the same fish but different name or just the same family of fish.

    We like the H.E.B. stores as well.


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