Wednesday 12 February 2020

A Thank You Supper for Brian and Jolynn

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

When we woke up this morning Facebook showed us why we are in Mexico and not in Manitoba!!  The snow last night along with some wind made driving extremely treacherous.  And by morning the temperatures had dropped to a chilly -30C (-48C with the wind chill)!!  Crazy!  There are days when I just want to experience a good old blizzard, but that soon wears off when I step outside for my morning coffee without a shirt on and see this on Facebook!

Didn't do a whole lot today except line up an oil change for the Ponderosa for tomorrow.  We will see how that goes and I will tell you about it tomorrow!!  Remember tomorrow is Manana and you know how that can go.

We had planned to take Brian and Jolynn out for supper as a meager thank you for all they did for us by leading us on the caravan down here.  They don't get paid so this is all they get for it, other than the satisfaction that they have dragged another couple to Mexico when they know full well we will be addicted and have to come back year after year.  Thanks for that guys!!!   We all loaded up in a taxi and headed down to a restaurant by the name of Restaurante de Mariscos Pineda, which is in Rincon Guayabitos just a few miles down the road from us.  Lots of smiling faces as we head out in the taxi.  Pat and Harold, Len and Judith, Steve and Julie, Brian and Jolynn, and Glenda and myself.  Jaws didn't join us and Sue has a really bad head cold so didn't want to spread it.

Its always fun to see how many people get out of one of these little buses when you get to the other end and how many of us old geezers are all bent over for a while till our backs straighten out.

A lovely restaurant with a pretty view out over Jaltemba Bay.  All of the fishing and whale watching boats are all lined up waiting to go out in the morning.  Some of them are still getting in position and fueled up and nets sorted.  The Pelicans were all finding their favorite perches for the night as well.  They roost on the boats and bob up and down all night.  This was the scene when we first arrived.

Everyone had a great supper ranging from fish, chicken, shrimp all served up in a great style!!

And of course the traditional supper picture for the blog people's!!!  Everybody smile!

Len, Harold, Julie, Steve, Ghost of Me, Glenda, Jolynn, Brian, Pat, Judith.
We had a great meal out with friends and by the time we were ready to head home again, the ocean had quieted and the boats and pelicans had all gone to sleep in readiment of a busy day again tomorrow.  The all inclusive hotel Decameron Los Cocos, is just a couple doors down, and tomorrow there will be plane loads of people with snow white winter skin arriving looking for great adventures on the ocean!  And there will also be a plane full of beet red sad people heading back north to the grind after a two week holiday in Paradise.  We are so lucky to be able to call this home for a few months of the year.  Hope you had a peaceful evening as well!


  1. You know Loren, I've always said I will never go to Mexico in a motorhome, but reading your blog and the relaxing time you're having is changing my mind.

  2. What a lovely easy day. The food all looks great. I'm partial to the evening boat picture and that is amazing because black water usually freaks me out! :)
    I'm glad you having such a great time! Haven't heard from my sister for awhile, I hope they're having the same fun!


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