Monday, 24 February 2020

And the Surprise is???

WHERE ARE WE?  Boutique RV Park and Suites, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

The other day I told you that a little surprise was on the horizon for Monday.  So now I have shown you all a little bit of what it is like to live in Mexico and experience the meaning of Manana.  Although this is Mondays blog, today is actually Wednesday and you have all been very patient, with the exception of a few prods in the comment section, so here is the news.

For the last 3 months we have walked to town on the beach and admired all of the beach front properties.  One of them had a little RV park with only room for smaller rigs.  It is right by the beach and one day I thought, mmmm,  I should go have a look so I did.  I met the maintenance guy Sergio and asked him for some information about the park.  He took me to meet Suzanne and Robert who are the owners.  Yes they only can handle smaller motorhomes, EXCEPT for the one spot in the back which can take up to 40 feet and guess what!!!  It became available that very morning!  We arranged to have lunch with them and worked out a deal.  The lady in the spot has bought a house and will be moving when her house is ready in a few weeks.  We felt really good about this spot and the owners and Sergio.  We think it will be a quiet little retreat for us.  So today the few week wait is over and we moved here to Boutique RV Park and Suites right on the ocean!!!!

So before the rumour room runs rampant let me tell you this.  La Penita RV Park is a great place to hang out for the winter.  It is actually a very active community with lots of things happening on a regular basis.  You can be as involved or as un involved as you choose to be.  Carole and Grant who own the park are great people and the staff they have looking after the place are great.  If you want a place to spend the winter in Mexico and you enjoy doing stuff, this is the place to be.  Two little draw backs to us are the up and down hills to the beach and pool and the tightness of the sites, especially up on the hill where we were.  The hills were not a great thing with my old tired worn out heart and was probably the biggest factor in our move.  We hope to take in some of the open functions there in the future and be involved with some of the awesome causes they support.  Thanks to everyone for making us feel welcome in the park while we were there and please stop by to say hi on your way to town.

Here is a quick tour of the park.  It is very small about 150 feet wide by 500 feet long.  The yard has grass, the pool is beautiful and the ocean is right over there.  Sue and I both enjoy being near the ocean.

Kenia came over and helped us with the move.  She had her little niece for a while because they are staying just down the beach from us.  There is even an old folks swing in the palapa.  Kenia had to make sure it was safe for old papa Lorne!!

Robert and Suzanne invited us to a little Birthday party being held for Robert and their business partner Jaqueline.  It was on the second floor of their luxury suites and everyone brought appy's.  It was a great way to meet the other residents of the park.  We watched the sunset from the deck which is something that we didn't get to see from the old park.  There is a palapa by the beach and a great swimming pool on the grounds.  The palapa is lit up every night.

We had an awesome time and are quite sure we have found a place we can enjoy for quite some time.  We are glad we get to try it out for a month before having to make a decision about coming back next year, but right now we are convinced we will be here in the fall again.
So that there is your surprise.  So for now life is good. Hope everything is good for you as well. Come see us in our new digs if you are walking the beach!!


  1. Looks like a very nice place with lots of room

  2. WOW, so beautiful, great move you guys. The water is the one thing I really miss during the winter and to be right on the ocean would be so cool!

  3. Awesome that y’all found a great place to be!

  4. Woohoo!!! Now, I'm really jealous!! :) What a lovely spot and you guys will certainly enjoy it and a little more privacy.

  5. Happy to hear you are enjoying life in general, being in Mexico and having moved into a new spot. I think this spot is more fitting for the type of place you and Sue enjoy. I'm certain you like friends around and a bit of hustle and bustle but I think you also treasure your time alone and the wonders of hearing the sounds around, not just voice, music and people. Enjoy!!

  6. Oh WOW! That is awesome. Your own little piece of the world right on the ocean. I'm so envious. I think you've found your winter home for years to come. Wonder if they will ever have another site open for a 40 footer. Just from reading your blog I know Dolly and I would love it there if they allow Yuma. Enjoy your new home.

    1. They only have one 40 ft spot but other parks accommodate larger units.

  7. I must say that luck goddess had showered her blessings on you Lorne! That is an awesome space near to the ocean . Glad to know that hosts are also very friendly. Loved the well-lit palappa and the pool facing the ocean!! Perfect ambience for a great vacation!!

  8. Love the word Away. I love to get away from the rush... far away from the maddening crowd and far away from the daily grind. The place does look far away and cosy. There is lot of fun you are into and love going through them.


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