Thursday 27 February 2020

More Exciting Things.

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

I guess I should tell a little story here.  You have probably noticed that Kenia has been with us a lot down here.  She is a young lady who was a waitress at the RV park when we arrived in La Penita and she worked for her aunt Cecie.  When we first met her we saw a young ambitious lady who is coming to that critical fork in the road where she will have to decide which way to go.  She is single with no kids which is good because the average age of motherhood here is 15 I am told.  She knows a bit of English but needs to know more to get a good job.  She has been to baking school and is talented in that field, but her ambition is to work in emergency services as a paramedic.  That requires her to take more education and learn more English.  Now she could do that here in Mexico and will probably take her medical education here, but in the meantime we have offered to bring her to Canada for the summer and immerse her in some English culture.  So before she can come, she has to have a passport which is tricky because she is 17 and does not live with her parents. So we have had to chase down signatures from her parents allowing her to apply which has finally happened.  So today we went to complete the paperwork needed for the passport.  She was told today that she only needs a notary public to endorse the mother and fathers signatures and she will get her passport.  We are pretty excited to see how hard she has worked to make all of this happen.  We are confident she will fit in well in Canada this summer and hopefully learn and see lots of different things.

Next stop was the Doctors office.  I had a tube put in my ear last summer and after I had my cold my sinuses have been full and at night some blood has been coming out of my ear.  It is also a bit infected so it was time to get something done about it.  So off to the walk in clinic we went.  As you can see, I am really quite sick.

Well maybe I was just doing that for the camera.  Although it is uncomfortable at times, I am certainly not in any distress.

So we get called into the Dr. office and he gives me a good old check over.  He asks questions in Spanish and we managed to figure them out and answer. (Actually Kenia was there to help out!!) .  He looked in my ears and said it was not too bad.  He gave us a prescription for antibiotics and said he would like me to drop in Manana so he could make sure it was not getting worse.  So we ask him how much we owe for the visit and he says 50 pesos!!  Thats like 3.50 CND!!   Wow!!  So next stop was the Farmacia for the medication.  Pictures are for my future reference, so just ignore them.  

Box says 881 pesos but we paid 300 pesos?  Don't know why.

Now that we are in a spot that we will be staying in for a while it was time to hook up a regular sewer line.  We are about 30 feet from the sewer hook up so I went down town and bought the proper stuff.
There is not much slope in the line so having the smooth pipe will be a benefit for flow.

By the time I got that done it was time to head downtown for drinks and supper with some friends who are leaving Mexico on Saturday and heading for home.   Wally and Paty have become friends of ours and we hate to see them go.  We will all meet again another year I'm sure.  I had a real nice steak with a baked potatoe and a couple drinks.  We had a good visit with everyone before heading home just before La Penita midnight (8:30)!!  Hope your day went well too!!

Stolen Photo of Wally & Pat

I see you Julie!!!


  1. Thats sure nice of you guys helping Kenia out with her education; not everyone would do that.

  2. I bet she will spend lots of time at your campsite this summer.


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