Thursday, 13 February 2020

An Oil Change Maybe?

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Another of those Manana (manyana) days in my life.  If you remember I was to get the oil changed in the Ponderosa today at 10 o'clock here in the park.  The mechanic and his shop are just down the road from us so he is coming up here to change it so I don't have to move.  Well 10, 11, 12, 1 o'clock came and went and no oil change.  Not to worry because we have come to understand Mexican time.  So I go down to the shop to see what has happened.  One thing the Mexicans can do is come up with a good story real fast.  I love to hear them spin the magic yarn that makes a person go from wanting to yell at them to feeling sorry for them real fast.  So apparently Sergio who I talked to got real busy and had to go out and left Jose to get some oil and do the work.  Now Jose says he came up to the park to find me but he couldn't find me.   He said he look for big wiggly thing (flag) from Canada but no find!!!  I asked him if he went up the hill and he looked all puzzled and says "no hill!!"  By now I am feeling that all of this is my fault cause my directions weren't so great, but I'm positive I told them up the hill to Canadian Flag!!  (wiggly thing) and I don't think you can miss the flag!!  So I said when are you coming?  He says we no have oil until Manana!!  So the real reason is he can't find oil.  Lol.   So I ask him when he coming Manana.  He says 10 maybe 11 or right after lunch.  Hmmm lets see what happens.  Any bets???

So thats about all that happened in our day.  Thursdays are really slow here at the park and there are no functions happening at all.  Oh wait I forgot they had Beer Can races on Thursday this week cause we are having a special event on Friday!   So I went and won 3 out of 5 races.  It was a good day at the track!!!

All of the Beer cans are named after the type of beer they are, and people decorate them up to match the name.  A couple of them are "Dolly Dildo" , "Arrogant Bastard" and Alberta Bound!!  Some people take a lot of time to make these cans look good!!

Hope everyone spent a little time on a dirt trail today!!

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