Saturday, 21 January 2017

A Dog watching day

Today started out quite cool.  I checked out the window and Missy was out and about.  I had to shake my head to make sure I wasn't in Manitoba.

After it warmed up a little we decided to head into the Big Tent to check out all the new things.  On the way in we noticed that there are some people around that have trouble reading signs.  I can hear him now saying "Im sorry Officer, I didn't see the sign"!!  Ironically later in the day there was a policeman there writing tickets.

The Big Tent was quite busy for being such a cool day.  Of course it was opening day so people came no matter what the weather was like.

While Sue and Pat toured the tent making sure we didn't miss any good deals, Harold and I took some time to watch all the pet lovers and how they interact with their dogs.  Most people have small dogs so it would be bad to have them on their feet in here because they would get trampled.  We saw lots of ways to carry them.
These dogs look really pleased to be here 
She says -Oh look its a good deal!!  Dog is saying just take me home.
The dog accessory vendor doing a demonstration
At least the poop bag is on the right end
Im a cow dog cause my daddy is a cowboy
Im sure thats beef jerky in the bag she's carrying
Oh Gosh, I hope no one sees me.  Im so embarrassed.
Cut the talking and lets go
Am I cute or what
I agree, lets turn around and go home.
I'm sure I smell something bad in there
Just hanging around
This dog is taking this couple for a walk
Because the streets were busy we took the back way home again.  Makes the journey less stressful.

We finished the evening with a nice bonfire.  Charlie got to show off his new flashing collar to everyone.

Now the cars won't run over Charlie with his flashing collar.

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