Saturday 28 January 2017

Blogger Fest was a Great day

Today was a great day.  The wind had died down a bit and the sun was shining bright.  The only thing missing were the temperatures higher than the 50's.  Sue and I headed into town to get some stuff for Blogger Fest and on the way home we saw about 6 or 8 guys on mobility scooters cruising down the sidewalk.  They were guys about my age and looked like they were in good shape (unlike me) and 3 of them were wearing leather jackets.  Now you have to know that they had these 3 wheel scooters going as fast as they could go and they were up and down off the sidewalk and onto the highway and back again faster than you could say "Jack Sprat".  They obviously had rented them somewhere and were just having a blast like a bunch of kids.

After a quick lunch it was off to Blogger Fest.  This year we had it at the Pavilion, or Ramada as they call it around here.  It was quite cool this afternoon so no one was interested in sitting in the shade of the Pavilion so we all sat outside.  What a great facility to use for events like ours.  I will be making a more in depth report of the day later but for now will just say that in my eyes it was a roaring success.  There are so many great people in RVing and this group is a fine example of that. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and make this a great day.

I do have one favour to ask of anyone who can help me.  Can you please identify the lady in the picture below.  I am sure her name is Kim and I thought she said she did a blog called Travels by Kim.  She did not sign the book and I can't find a blog by that name on the web.

Also Kent and Debbie (can't remember last name), would you please send us your email address so we can include you in the information I will be sharing.  Thank you.

Shortly after we got home, Brian Boone of Got Solar Installed dropped by to do the final inspection on my solar installation.  I got the big thumbs up and we turned it on.  There was no noise, no smoke and no banging or crackling and the display lit up and said we were gathering 21 amps at 5:15  in the afternoon.  What a nice feeling to finally have it up and running.  Thanks Brian for all of your help guiding me through the whole process.  I would recommend him as your solar contact.  His blog page is  or you can join his facebook page at Solar Powered RV's &  Boondocking.  He does not charge for information about solar and is quite willing to give you his opinion on any of your electrical problems.


  1. Glad you had a decent turnout. Sure isn't a very warm winter in the desert this year. That's the problem with's hit or miss. One of these years we'll get you down to Mexico! :-)

    Nice to have your solar done.

  2. We really enjoyed our first Blogger-Fest and met so many great people. Thank you for hosting and we look forward to following your blog 😊

  3. It was a fun time thanks for hosting.

  4. Sure was nice meeting up with you again. We really enjoy reading of your adventures as you travel. Blogger fest was a great happening for us to finally but faces to the blogs we have been reading. Really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for organizing this event

  5. Her blog was something like Travels With Kimbopolo. She mentioned she has blogged since October. Thanks for hosting the get together this year. You know I'll be there with bells on (and signs in the trunk of the car) next year.

  6. Thanks, Lorne. Had a great time meeting fellow bloggers. Looking forward to next year.

  7. Here ya go:
    Thanks for inviting me to your gathering.

  8. Thanks for taking this on. Was wonderful to meet you both and so many new and old friends.

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