Thursday, 26 January 2017

Fixit day.

Today was one of those days where you just finish up more and more of the honey do list.  I had to modify the TV antenna, fix the electric stairs, finish a couple things on the solar, put a door on the dog food cupboard and deal with some grey water.  While I was on the roof I did take a picture of the mini golf course that Missy had constructed in the wash next to our site.

We have got a bit of enjoyment out of it but the weather has not been conducive to playing golf.  Maybe when we leave, someone will move in to this spot and get to play it before the water washes it away.

Speaking of weather, the temperatures have been dipping down very low at nights and we are noticing it because we do not keep any heat on.  Charlie has even allowed Susan to cover him up at nights and he doesn't move until morning.  He is snug as a bug in a rug and provides a nice foot warmer for me.

Rowdy and I did stop by Bill and Patsies for a quick visit at Happy Hour time and got to see the whole group.  You can see who was there if you go to Chillin with Patsy or George and Suzies blog site.

Not much to report as we are all staying close to home as the temperatures are not typical desert ones.  Supposed to be windy and cold again tomorrow and then get better after that.


  1. Susan, what is Charlie's blog or how can I get in touch?

  2. Susan, what is Charlie's blog or how can I get in touch?


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