Tuesday 10 January 2017

Canadian Snowbird friends arrive

We spent much of the day today doing a lot of odd jobs around the Ponderosa like dishes and a good clean job.  We tend to get so busy enjoying ourselves that those things get a little behind.  Also our friends who are traveling from Canada will be arriving later today so we need to be presentable.  Sue got out the paint brush and finished up painting some of the cupboards in the front of the MH.

Charlie and I went walking in the desert after our chores were done and walked farther than we thought.  We went over 4 miles this time.  At the top of one of the hills we found the grave of a horse.  The name on the plaque said Neets, worked hard, played hard, RIP and it had a faded picture of a horse.  The marker was quite faded and didn't say when the horse had died, but it was a while ago.  I would imagine it was one of the trail horses from the Gold Field Ghost Town you can see in the background.

The Ghost town is an interesting place and we hear the train whistle blowing ever half hour or so all day.  It is about a mile from our motor home.  This place is worth a visit.  This is the picture from their web site.

Pat and Harold didn't arrive until after sunset.  While we were waiting for them this is what we saw.

When they arrived, we hurried and got them parked and headed out for supper because today was Pats birthday.  We headed to Organ Stop Pizza in Tempe.  This is a neat place that we have been to a few times and never get over all the pipes of the pipe organ.

At the beginning of the performance the Wurlitzer Organ rises from the floor and begins a concert that lasts about 45 minutes.  The pipes and all of the workings are visible within the building.  And the pizza is good too. The organist plays all sorts of music from classical to waltzes to Broadway.  He even played Happy Birthday to Pat.

We are happy to have our friends here to spend the rest of the winter with us.  I think they will enjoy the warm weather rather than the 40 below they are having back in Manitoba.  Welcome to Arizona.

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