Friday, 27 January 2017

The Naked Book Store guy

As forecast today was a miserable day with winds gusting up to 40 mph and the temperatures staying in the low 50s all day.  I spent most of the morning doing more chores and topping up our water supply.  After lunch the girls headed to town to check out the Readers Oasis Book Store.  This is the home of Quartzsites naked book store owner. Use the link to check out a review of his establishment.  The store itself is a normal book store with a quaint flavour to it.   Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't there, but only repeating what I have heard.

Then you spot the sign on the wall which gives you a little hint as to what you might find.  So I'm told.

There is a picture on the wall that gives you a little insight as to what you might see somewhere in the store.  Once again I'm just repeating what I have heard and the pictures my wife took.

So after all of this the girls found what they came to see.  The Naked owner Paul Winer.  Now you have to remember what I told you earlier about the weather.  Its fricken cold, so what do you think he is gonna look like today.

Missy posed with Paul
After the girls got back from their adventure we all decided to go out for supper in Quartzsite.  It was hard to pick a restaurant because the reviews don't necessarily depict the establishment well.  Remember there are up to one million people coming through here this week and the town is only a couple thousand people the rest of the year, so the restaurants have long waiting lines and slow service.  That makes for bad reviews.  However the one we went to had a few recommends, but didn't work out that well.  Lots of missed items in our meals, cold food, and a grumpy lady at the till.  Now she has a sign that says she is grumpy, but sign or no sign she could have at least smiled when she took my money.  Instead she chose to chew the waitress out for the errors in our meals in front of us.  It was a bit embarrassing for us and the waitress. We get to chose if we go back there or not and the decision was unanimous amongst us.  We will not be back.

They had a lot of different clocks on the wall with big price tags on them.  None of them seemed to keep time very well.  Probably a good thing as it took a long time for our meals to come.

Ain't nobody got time for that!!!!

Ok enough of my whining.  This blog does not need a bunch of that.  We headed home to sit on the couch and email everyone about Blog Fest 2017 which is tomorrow.  Hope everyone who can will attend.  There will be a lot of very interesting people there, who ironically, are a lot like you and me.  See you there at 1 pm.  Here is a map to the pavilion.


  1. Looking Forward to seeing the faces behind a lot of the blogs we follow. Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We are sure the Blogger-Fest will be a great time and success. We had really hoped to be there, we really enjoyed ourselves last year, but between a delay at home and the weather in Florida's panhandle whoever is in charge of "the plans" said not this year.
    Thank you for organizing 2017.

    1. These would be the "Jello" plans we all speak of. Sorry you won't be able to be here with us.

  3. I think it was a good write up- we got away from the madness for the week and planning another trip out again soon. We did see that some side by side came through our site while we were gone though and broke a couple of our solar light we had stuck in the ground.

  4. Is there ample parking. Like a travel trailer or two

    1. Is there ample parking at the book store or near by!


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