Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hike up Snyder Hill

Today was a toes up day around the Ponderosa.  Charlie and I did some walking up Snyder Hill and exploring.  You can see for miles from up there.  There are some beautiful mountain ranges all around us.

On  the way up we checked out a cave.  I'm going to guess that at one point in time someone lived in this cave for a while.  It has a nice rock canopy overhanging it too so it is a natural shelter from the rain.

Outside the cave were a couple of perfectly round holes.  How they got there is anyones guess.  They are about 6 inches round and 6 inches deep.  They could be from water dripping for years, or maybe the miners started to drill and quit, but I like to think that it was some ancient Inca tribe that lived here and they drilled them in a strategic place to collect water from the rock above.  Notice how they are full of water.

Now everyone knows that I have a drone now, so the first thought about the next picture would be that I had the drone up for a flight.  Actually we are about 4 miles from and airport here so I am a little reluctant to fly it.  This picture was taken from the top of Snyder Hill where Charlie and I hiked to, looking down on the Ponderosa.  Can you pick us out?

We had a great day in the desert again today.  Tomorrow will be interesting as well.

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