Thursday 19 January 2017

There's a storm brewing

We have been running back and forth to town getting all of our solar supplies as they are shipped to Quiet Times here in Quartzsite.  Quiet times is a wonderful spot to get stuff shipped to and they hold it for quite a while if you are not here to pick it up.  I even had my solar panels shipped there.
Todays project was to run the solar panels down from the roof to the solar controller.  We ran them down through our pantry and installed a disconnect switch in the line.

With Rowdy and Missy's arrival yesterday, our circle of RV's is now complete, although we would make room for anyone else that wants to join us.  Having a circle cuts the wind a bit and makes it a little more private.

Missy is an outdoor girl and has worked in parks up in Alaska.  She seems to love to do those little extra things that make the outdoors look nice.  We are always being surprised by little rock statues popping up all around camp and solar lights are strategically placed in the wash.  Thanks Missy.

The evening skies look ominous tonight.  Rowdy tells us that there are 3 storm fronts heading our way with each one bringing some precipitation.  It looks like tomorrow may see the first one coming through.  So its off to walk the dogs before the sun goes completely behind the hill.

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