Monday, 23 January 2017

More Solar installation

Today I worked more on the solar installation.  I am glad I am doing myself because I am learning a lot.  Solar is such a neat way to provide power for our unit.  Most of the components are fitted under the bed in back of the Ponderosa in close proximity to the batteries.

The new Blue Sky controller and on the left is our existing Inverter/Converter
Because the batteries are directly below the end of our bed, I was able to mount the shunt in the same box.

Not all of the ground wires are connected to the shunt yet.  
Although not plain in the picture, I mounted the 50 amp fuse beside the shunt so if there are problems everything is in the same area for ease of checking.

The solar controller is actually quite easy to wire and install.

The one wire that is not installed yet is the 2 amp trickle charge wire that will go to the coach batteries.  This will provide a constant trickle charge which will be handy when we are parked for long periods of time in one spot.

Susan and Pat have decided that the new EZXstream TV is the way to go for all our TV needs.  This system provides access to movies that are still in Theaters, as well as some PPV items like the fights or something like that.  Not a big bonus for me as I never watch that kind of thing and sports is not my thing.  Apparently we can now cancel Netflix, Showme, and our Shaw subscription.  No need for a dish now.  Only thing is you need lots of data on your WiFi connection, and it only works as good as your WiFi which is terrible around Quartzsite right now.

We had another nice bonfire tonight and off to bed we went.

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