Thursday 12 January 2017

Fixing and Bonfire

Today we helped get P&H set up.  Their 5er is a new one to them as they just bought it last fall and never really had time to try it out.  We had a great breakfast at their trailer and made a plan to head into Mesa to do some shopping.
Sue and I had to get cell phone protectors for our new phones.  (Actually Sue got the new phone and I got her old one).   I also wanted to get a case for the Verizon Jet Pack so I could carry it with us on our belt without worrying about it falling out of my pocket.

We made a stop at Camping World as well to get a few odds and ends and to find out some information about P&H's Winegard satellite dish.  It seems that you cannot program a USA Winegard to pick up Shaw satellites.  They will have to figure out a different way to get TV.

P&H bought a brand new Honda I3000 generator to power their 5er.  The new generator is made with a special inverter which will not harm electronics if they are plugged into it.  However, because they have a floating ground, the Progressive power protection system in the RV will not accept the power because it senses and open ground.  This is because the generator does not bond the neutral wire with the ground wire as a normal shore power electrical feed would have.  So I did some searching on my friend Google and found this to be a normal problem and it also shows a fix which is quite safe to do.  Basically you bond the neutral and ground wires together.  For anyone having this problem here is how its done.

This is what the fix looks like.  By doing this you are not risking the warranty in any way and not harming either the generator or the RV.  When you are using the generator for other things you can just unplug the Edison plug and it is back to normal operation.

This weekend we are going to install the device on the generator and confirm if this fix works.  Stay tuned.

We finished up the evening with a wiener roast over a nice bonfire.  Nothing is nicer than sitting by a fire in the evening.

Even Charlie enjoyed the fire.

Tomorrow is moving day as we head over to Quartzsite to get settled in and get the Solar installation started.  We are certainly looking forward to that.


  1. How much Solar are you going to have installed?

    1. We are installing 4-160 watt panels and the related accessories. We already have the batteries and inverter..

  2. We've had the Honda IE 3,000 since 2008 and never had an issue running an AC and the Microwave at the same time. Back then we had a 30 Amp system and no Progressive Industries EMS. In my personal experience what you are proposing to do is an Accident waiting to happen causing Electrical Shorting and a Possible Fire.
    On the Progressive Industries 50 Amp Hardwired system there is a Bypass switch on the Remote Display that rectifies the problem you are trying to fix.
    I wish you Luck and Advise you to be Cautious with that Quick Fix.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I've done a little research on this issue and am confident that there is nothing more unsafe about this fix that running an older generator with basically the same bonding only internal. Have a look at the n-g plug Progressive sells. . I would hope progressive knows what they are doing or we have all spent a lot of money on their systems for nothing. One should always be very cautious when dealing with electricity and I thank you for your concern. It can kill you if not respected


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