Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Snyder Hill AZ

We decided to move out to Snyder Hill which is a 14 day free camping area on BLM land just outside Tucson.  We don't mind RV parks but short term stays are really expensive.  It was costing us over $50.00 a night, so it was time to move on.

Snyder Hill is small and can be quite crowded apparently but right now it is not bad.

All the history I can find out is that Snyder Hill was a mine site at one time.  The South West face has certainly been blasted and quite a bit of material either removed or relocated.

I had to find some wood for a fire tonight because Rowdy and Missy were gonna join us for supper and a bonfire.  So off I went in search of the perfect wood supply.  Now as you know there is not much wood to be found in the desert of Arizona.  You have to know where to look and have a good saw, preferably a chain saw with you.  I have neither.   I hate buying the little bundles at the local store because it is never very good wood and really expensive.  Charlie and I headed down the road looking for clues, when we came across a roadside stand where a couple of the local latinos had a bit of a roadside sale going on.  They were selling a toilet and various old exercise equipment.  I stopped and asked where I could buy some wood.  After a short conversation in Spanish between the two guys, the one guy looked at me with that twinkle in his eye like all my Mexican friends have and says, "follow me in my truck".  

Fernando left me in the dust.
We headed waaaaay down a dusty road passing all sorts of houses and yards and after shooing a lot of local dogs off the road we arrived at a locked gate.  The guy unlocks it and we drive in to a rustic Mexican style yard.  

He grabs a chainsaw from the shed and out back we go.  I told him I wanted $20 bucks worth and he proceeded to cut me up a great big pile of wood and loads it in the back of my jeep.  If your around this area and want wood call Fernando and he will help you out.

We had a nice evening around the fire.  It was so nice in fact that I never took a single picture.

The view from our window tonight.


  1. Rather than taking the I-10 route to Quartzsite, you could go straight out Hwy 86 west and boondock on Darby Well Road before going up to Q. Just a beautiful drive thru Indian country.

    Ajo s a beautiful little town with a large mining pit. Worth seeing.

  2. That is the route we had planned but we now are going to Apache Junction to visit sues Aunt. We have been to Ajo for the fiddle contest and loved the town and surrounding country. We stayed at the Rodeo grounds with the Escapee Boondockers. A guy on a horse would come around every day to collect 6 bucks. It was a great time.


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