Wednesday 25 January 2017

Blogger Fest is coming

Todays blog is going to provide a nudge to everyone concerning BLOGGER FEST 2017.  Remember it is this Saturday from 1 to 5 at the Pavilion at South La Posa.  If you get to the gate we will have it marked from there on.  The GPS coordinates are 33.62478   114.2115.  You don't have to write a blog to come.  Even if you just read blogs of the RVers, come down and meet them in person.  There is such a wide variety of people doing blogs and they all will share their time with you.  Can I ask any of you bloggers out there to post the following on their blogs to let everyone know it is happening.  Thank you and see you there.

Today was errand and laundry day.  Pretty much a boring day and I promise not to bore you with laundry pictures like last time.  We did go to the laundry mat that has the restaurant attached so slipped in for dinner while we were there.  It was funny because the restaurant was about 1/3 full but yet the lady at the door had to take our name and then she went and flitted around and came back and announced in a loud voice "TABLE FOR FOUR, GREEN"!!!!  It was like she didn't recognize us standing there from a minute before. She did the same with the next people that came in so I guess that is just how they do it.  It provided the chuckle of the morning for us.   I might add that the meal was excellent, and the waitress was great.

Reservation for Green please
On the way home we stopped by to visit with some fellow bloggers.  Out in the desert everyone has happy hour so you can always find people outside around 3:30 pm and you just drag up a chair and join them.

George and Suzie, Patsy, Micheal and Dee, Rick and Kathy, Bill, Invisible me and Sue, Melinda and Gerry
The blogs I have on my list are  Our Awesome Travels (George & Suzie)  Chillin with Patsy,  Its About Time (Rick and Kathy).  Check them out.

By the time we got home it was time for supper, a few chores and off to bed.

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