Monday, 30 January 2017

Kayak day

With the cool weather behind us we are kicking into high gear when it comes to things to do.  We got out the kayaks today and headed across the Senators Wash Dam to Squaw Lake.  Its like a little oasis in the desert and has Palm Trees and all.

The parking lot is full of RVs and Harold talked to a few of them.  It is free to stay here but you can only stay for 14 days and you have to move so they head across the road to South Mesa and stay there for 14 days.  This place is like a little community and they have potlucks and bonfires etc.  There are probably 40 Rvs here at any one time.

We had a lot of fun with the kayaks even though it was a little windy.  This was the first time we had taken our new kayak out on the water.  It performed quite well, although I did hit Sue on the head with my oar once.  I'm here to tell you that I will NEVER do that again.  She decided she was safer going with Pat.

Our Kayak is the Challenger K2, and you can buy it on Amazon right here on our site.  On the Canadian Amazon site it is Regular $282.00 on sale for $129.00 Cnd right now.  It is also an amazing deal for our US friends.  It is on sale fo$81.16 US on our site as well.

Having the dogs along provided some interesting leash passing.  Missy almost put Pat in the lake with this pass.

Rowdy found time to tell a few of his famous stories before it was time to head home.

At home we got the chairs out around the brand new fire pit that Rowdy and Missy built while they were waiting for us yesterday.

We have a nice little half circle with all our rigs.  Kyra didn't join us here because she had to wait on mail in Q before moving to Ogilby Road.

It was even warm enough for shorts after the sun went down while we sat around the fire.

We have been discussing the moon and all its phases while sitting around the fire. We have learned where a few of the planets are, and it is interesting discussing how differently the stars are positioned between here and Canada, and also up into Alaska, where Rowdy and Missy are from.  Missy watched the moon set over the mountains while we discussed all of this.


  1. Interesting about Shaw Lake, we drove down to it but didn't know it was a free 14 day camping area. It's lovely!


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