Sunday, 8 January 2017

Mesa Market and Swap Meet

We are enjoying our time at Superstition Mountain near Apache Junction AZ.  Because it is so nice here we are not doing much of any interest other than relaxing.  This afternoon we did head over to the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet.

This is the largest market we have visited in our travels.  I'm sure it is bigger than Quartzsite, and it goes on forever.  There are 4 long sheds that are connected at each end by another shed.  I borrowed this picture from the web rather than fly my drone.

Although it is large, there is a lot of repeat items.  There are not a lot of RV items at this market like in Quartzsite Main Event or Yuma Swap Meet.

While Sue was checking out all of the vendors I came across a poker game so I stayed around and watched for a while.  They seemed to be staring each other down and I got bored after a bit and moved on.

That was about all we did today.  Grabbed a few groceries and home to watch TV for the evening.  We will try it again tomorrow.

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