Sunday, 16 February 2020

Boy Soup

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So whenever our grand daughter Grace stays overnight with us, my job is to read her a bedtime story.  Since she was wee little, her favorite book has been Boy Soup!!   It is a story of a Giant who gets a man cold and the only cure is boy soup.  It is a good book and the boys don't end up in the soup.  Anyway this book describes to a "T" what Grampa is going through right now.  This is for you Grace!

I'm sure I got this terrible cold from my friends Doug who writes Miss Adventure Travels and Deb who writes On a long and lonesome highway.  They both had it a week or so ago! Thanks friends!!  Does it matter that they are 1000 miles from me?  They tell me that things can go viral on the internet so maybe thats how I got it!!

The other possiblity is that it is the Corona virus.  Now I have since thrown out all of the Corona's in the fridge but I did find one bottle in the basement later.  That little bugger may have made me sick.

Anyhow, all of you guys will realize just how sick I am and the blog post may have to come to a screeching halt until I can recover.  I'm sure all the girls will not see the gravity of my illness but that is ok!  Hope your day went better than mine.


  1. Sharing is caring my friend, however I only had a cough, nothing more. I'm sure it was Doug that gave it too as he seemed to have the exact reaction that you are having. Haha. Get well soon, I'll send a box of tissues if you like.

  2. Regardless of whether it is just a "man cold", or a real cold I hope you get better soon.

  3. Hope you get over your man cold soon :-) Honestly I do hope you feel better soon.

  4. Feel colds are real

  5. Hoping you recover soon so you can continue enjoying the beautiful weather.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  6. Wasn't me! And don't expect any sympathy from our counterparts. They just don't understand. I hope it goes by quickly so you can jump back in the pool with your Corona Corona! Take care.


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