Sunday, 2 February 2020

Super Curl Sunday!!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Our hometown of Rivers Manitoba, Population 1200, just pulled off one of the best Manitoba  Provincial Scotties playdowns of all times.  I am a little biased, but if you don't believe me just call up any review of the 2020 Manitoba Scotties.  We have the most amazing little town and when we get an opportunity to shine, get out the sunglasses, cause it will be bright.  Congrats to all of the volunteers and I look forward to many more great things coming from this town.

And to top it off, the top 3 womens curling in all of Canada played off in the semi finals and finals.  Tracy Fluery, Jennifer Jones, and Kerri Einarson are all world class teams and any one of them would represent Manitoba well at the Canadian Scotties.  Kerri Einarson won the Buffalo which is the Manitoba curling emblem but teams Fluery and Jones will play off for the Wild Card spot in Moose Jaw just before the Canadian Scotties playdown.  Good luck all 3 teams.


Because the game didn't start till 3 I went for a long walk on the beach.  It is such a peaceful place to be and I sat down on the sand and almost went to sleep on the sand.   There were some people fishing and one guy caught a little one while some kids were boogie boarding beside them.

Brian and Sylvia were gracious enough to invite us to their place to watch the curling game on satellite.  They are from Alberta so know how important curling is to their fellow Canadians.  Thanks guys for sharing your deck and TV with us!!!

Meanwhile the rest of the park was over at the club house watching some football game or something.  Lol.   The yelling was a bit loud at times guys!!!   Yes it was Superbowl Sunday and the Chiefs beat the 49ers!!  Always good for a party.

After the game we were invited to come up to Judy and Joes for some appy's and good conversation.  Great way to finish off a day!!  Hope you got to spend time with friends today too!!


  1. Reads like a wonderful Sunday filled with whatever sport you liked to watch. What a great laid back place you are both enjoying.

  2. Yay, Rivers!! I bet the whole town helped out. Small towns are just the best.
    You sure have a beautiful beach there in Mexico. Enjoy!

  3. A wonderful Sunday for sure. It looks like you are making a lot of friends down there in that Mexico place!!! Keep on having fun.


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