Thursday 9 February 2017

A Drive in the Country

We headed back into Holtville this morning to continue with haircuts.  All of us ended up in the chair, even the girls.  Dianne was our hairdresser and she did a wonderful job on all of us.

Because I was first in line and Harold had his cut yesterday, we got to go across the street to the park while the girls were finishing.  There are some really large trees there.

We took a little drive out in the country on our way home and with our farm backgrounds, we all were interested in the types of crops grown around here and the irrigation systems used.  We saw a field of lettuce and were mystified why there were a few different varieties grown in each group of rows.  Then we thought about when we buy a bag of salad, there are a variety of colours of lettuce in it.  Perhaps to save mixing it in the bag, they just grow it that way.  What do you think??

P&H checked out a field of cabbage and reported that it looked like a good crop.

The carrots were doing great as well.  They grow so thick and lush.

Further down the road we came upon a field that was being harvested.  There are about 10 people on this operation and their job is to sort out under and oversize carrots.

Something we spotted on our walk was a set of golf clubs that we thought were for sale.  But that was not the case.  Out here in the desert everyone shares what they can and if you want to hit a few balls you can borrow these clubs as long as you put them back.  They even supply the balls!!

And finally I saw this and thought about whether we fall in the Canadian bracket any more. Yesterday was about 30C and when the sun set, the temperature dipped to about 27C and I mentioned that it felt a bit chilly.  I think I am getting acclimatized.


  1. I love the conversion chart!! Much as I love the sun, with my Swedish/Canadian heritage, there is an extremely fine line between 'ah, isn't this lovely' and 'omg, I'm in an oven'. Fortunately, in the desert, a mild breeze and some shade do wonders!

  2. We did an agriculture tour in Yuma a few years ago and that is exactly why they grow fields of mixed lettuce 😊

  3. Based on my up close and personal observation of Canadian behavior, I believe this chart to be in error!

  4. Interesting post, Lorne. Neat about the lettuce fields.Makes total sense! Golf clubs for loan? Awesome and original!


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