Friday 3 February 2017

Candle lit supper with my sweetheart

Friday Harold had an appointment for some service work on his truck at the Chevy dealer in Yuma.  He made the appointment for 7 am so the rest of us said he was on his own for that.  However we did agree to meet them around 10 for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  We are only about 15 miles from it so we will go there a few times while we are here.

As usual I had a look around the parking lot and sure enough, the RV parking was full of cars.  There were a couple of RVs that pulled in and had to leave again because there was no parking.  I guess people think that RVs are only there for an overnight so daytime doesn't count.

I was wondering if this persons superior would be happy with the decision this person made to park in the RV parking.  I'm sure the state would ticket a civilian if they parked somewhere that was meant for an alternative use by government.

After a nice breakfast we all went to the Arizona Market to stroll for a good portion of the day.  I did not get the urge to take any pictures to bore you with about the market.

We headed home to spend some time with our friend Joan who's quiet spot along Ogilby Road we have invaded.  Joan and Buddy are true boondockers and their example is another reason we chose this life style for the winter.

Our circle of friends
Sue and I had a lovely candle lit supper on the patio.  Way better surroundings than the Keg or Texas Roadhouse can offer.

We even had a little air show after supper.  These guys are camped just down the road from us.

Tonight was a spectacular sunset again.  The desert skies have some of the best colour I have ever witnessed.

After that sunset we all gathered around the fire pit to sacrifice parts of that gnarly old tree.  He supplied us with some nice warmth and spawned some great bonfire stories.

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