Saturday 18 February 2017

A Spy in the Sky

It was a bit of a rainy morning but Harold and I set out on a 3 mile walk down by the old dry lake bed and back.  We marveled at all of the things that are buried in the desert from gas lines to telephone lines.  One thing we did notice here was the lack of garbage even though there are lots of people using the desert to dry camp.

We were also quite amazed at how far away the mountains really were.  We thought maybe a couple miles but they are probably 4 or 5 miles away.  The clouds were hanging quite low this morning.

Charlie enjoyed the walk and even got to chase a coyote up into the hills.

After we got back, Kaitlyn and I headed into Borrego Springs to do up some blogs and get some groceries. The internet is super slow where we are parked so we headed into the library to catch up.

A nice little library and very busy

Kaitlyn the book lover in her element
We went by a few more of the sculptures in our travels.  South of town there are lots of horse sculptures.

On our way home we checked out the little camping area on the corner by our place.  This is the area where I think George and Suzie were just a week or so ago.  There is a real story to this place called Peg Leg Smiths.  There was a cairn there and some signs so I will let you read the story in pictures.

Notice the pile of rocks.  Lots of people have searched.
After we got home I decided to get out the drone for some fun and to take some pictures.  It wasn't long before Bill next door dug his drone out too and we were both flying.

We flew them around a bit a then decided we should take some airial pictures of each others drone.  Go to Bills blog to see some pictures of my drone.

Looking down on Bills drone at 400 feet above the desert

The stare down. 
Here are some random pictures of our camp spots here at Rock House Road.

Tom & Deb, Bill & Patsy, Lorne & Sue, Pat & Harold

Pat and Harold joined us for supper tonight because this will be our last visit for a while.  Tomorrow we head our separate ways for a few days, but hope to meet up again in Las Vegas.

Tonight we are in the desert east of Borrego Springs California, on Rock House Road, and this is the view from our window.

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