Wednesday, 1 February 2017

We love Shopping

Today we decided to head down to Yuma to explore the route that will take us to Ogilby Road on Thursday and then do some grocery shopping.  It was a pretty drive down through very lush agricultural land.  Lots of activity in the fields and for those of you that are not Trump fans, perhaps you should come and witness all of the field help from our friends in Mexico, who by the way come across the border every day.  They are duly processed workers and I would suspect they encounter no difficulty crossing the border.

We headed out to Ogilby Road to visit Kyra and Joan who are already there.  Joan has a humming bird feeder and the humming birds were no one bit shy.  They flitted back and forth all the time we were there.

We bid them farewell until tomorrow and headed into Yuma to get groceries. The grocery shopping turned into a shopping frenzy that lasted almost 6 hours in only 2 stores.  3.5 hours in Walmart and 1.5 hours in Fry's.  We were so long at Walmart that we got out the lawn chairs and Charlie had a long nap in the shade.

We moved on the Fry's and found a nice spot in the parking lot to sit with the dogs.

We were watching as a young lady pulled in with an car right in front of us. She sat in her car doing her hair and checking her make up, as young ladies do.  (We thought maybe she was checking out Harold and I).  Anyways as she was sitting there this big ole truck from Oklahoma tries to pull into the spot beside her.  His wife had to get out and drag a Walmart power scooter out of the way for him to barely squeeze by to get in. He gets out, and his wife said something to him and he looked briefly at how much room the lady had to back out and shrugged his shoulders and walked off.  I got out to be nosey and as the lady got out I said that that guy was really not very nice parking like that.  She just shrugged her shoulders and smiled and went into the store.  I don't think she knew any English.

The lady came out from the store before the truck moved and she got in an maneuvered out of that spot like a professional.  Good job on her part.  I think I may have been a little more shook up and left the guy a note or put a big streak down the side with lipstick or something like I had scraped it with my car.

After Fry's we headed home with all our treasures and got ready for our move tomorrow.


  1. This young lady is made of good stuff, I guess. People who park inconsiderately like these drive me nuts!

    1. And it wasn't like the parking lot was full. There were lots of spots about 6 cars down the line. He could have parked sideways in one of those. lol


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