Sunday 19 February 2017

Happy Hour at 9 am

Today is moving day for us so when we talked to Bill and Patsy last evening, we decided we would all get together for a morning Happy Hour.  Now I know that my cup had straight coffee in it, but I can't vouch for anyone else.  Harold and Pat and Deb and Tom who write the blog Celebrating the Dance joined us as well.  We had a great visit and soon realized that time was slipping away and we needed to pack up and move on.

Kaitlyn, Deb, Sue, Tom, Patsy and their dog Clemson, Pat, Bill, Harold.
On our way out we took a picture of Tom & Debs rig because we think the colour scheme is so cool.

We headed east from Borrego out toward Salton City and then headed north to intersect I-10.  We didn't want to do the mountain pass again because of a storm that had gone through and may have dumped some snow in the passes. The I-10 route is at a lower elevation.  When we were just about at the junction at Salton City when we came across some really neat places to boon dock which would make for a lot of fun watching the ATVs and motorbikes ripping around the desert.  We think this will be a spot for us next year.

So we had to stop at Walmart for some stuff and the girls talked me into going in also.  Well have you ever seen the Best of Walmart pictures.  Well I saw one with my own eyes today.  I was walking down an aisle and spotted this woman.  The weird thing about her was her hair.  You couldn't see her face at all.  I was waiting for her to flick her hair off of her face.

Then I looked down at her shoes.

It was then that I realized that her face was not going to appear on that side of her head.  Oh dear, that picture is still burned in my brain.

We headed west through Palm Springs and for everyone who has ever been this way you will remember this familiar scene.  I call it windmill pollution.

We arrived at our destination of Anaheim RV Park about supper time and will be going to bed early because tomorrow we will be visiting Universal Studios.  We will be here for 4 nights before moving on.

Tonight we are in  Anaheim RV Park, right beside Disneyland, and this is the view from our window.


  1. Glad to see that you arrived safely. I like all the different wind mills in that area and some of the stands they are on, are so different. We passed thru that area a week ago.

  2. Enjoy your time there and Universal studios.

  3. Have a great time in Disneyland 😊

  4. Have fun, Gracie will be beside herself, and you too, Lorne. We might have started a new tradition with morning Happy Hours! It was fun and got warmer as time passed instead of colder.

  5. We so enjoyed spending a "Morning Happy Hour" with all of you and meeting your friends, Pat and Harold. Hope to see you all again down the road.
    Your granddaughter, Gracie, is such a cutie.
    Enjoy Disneyland and continued safe travels.

  6. Enjoy your time with Gracie and now you can say that you actually saw a Walmartian. There are many out there and California is known to have the highest number of them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. I'm always amazed at how big the windmills are - and now they cover miles along some routes - certainly louder than solar too.
    Enjoy the city and Disneyland!
    Be safe driving in the traffic!

  8. We are not looking forward to the hum and a the drum of the big city, but we are looking forward to Kaitlyn's response to the Harry Potter park. She was the biggest Harry Potter fan in our family. And the morning Happy Hour is a grand idea I think.


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