Tuesday, 21 February 2017

It happens in 3's they say.

Because we wore ourselves out at Universal yesterday today was a down day for us.  I was just going to putter around today and do some odds and ends around the Ponderosa.

I hadn't mentioned before but since we plugged into shore power in San Diego, our solar has failed to function.  It will not put any power into the batteries.  I have been busy doing some trouble shooting and have been in contact with Brian Boone about it, so today I did a few other things to try to solve the problem.  We are not in any sort of troubles because we still have the generator like before, and right now we are again hooked to the almighty umbilical cord.  But it is still not a good feeling when your monitor says this on a sunny day.

Also when we were in San Diego our water heater quit working on 120 volts.  It still works on propane, but for some reason it is not getting power from the switch to the heater.  I will try to figure out the problem with it soon. Coincidence you might say or is it just that things happen in 3's and this is number 2.  Oh no!  What will be #3??

Tonight we were sitting around and heard some bangs.  We quickly realized that because we were so close to Disney, we could see the fireworks out our window.   We were quite surprised that Charlie was not as bothered by it as he used to be.  Maybe he is growing out of his fear of guns and fireworks.

Tonight we are in  Anaheim RV Park, right beside Disneyland, and this is the view from our window.

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