Thursday 2 February 2017

A Gnarly old Tree in the Desert

Internet has been tough in the last while so the blog has suffered by not being published on time.  I hope we can keep up to it from now on and keep you informed as we travel along.  I will also have a Blogger Fest Report with pictures ready to publish soon.  I appreciate your patience.

Today was moving day.  We are going to go and join our friends Kyra and Joan on Ogilby Road.  They have a nice little spot there and we have decided to join them for a few days on our trek to San Diago.

We headed down the same route through the country side, past the migrant workers who once again made it over the wall and to work on time

And west of Yuma we went until we saw a sign that said Ogilby Road that way.

On the south and further west of this turn you can see the dunes that run for miles here.  The spot we are going to is more gravel and not as prone to blowing.

Charlie is getting to be an experienced traveller and not even a picture in a frame falling on him disturbs him while he sleeps on the couch.

After we got there and got all set up, Harold and I did a little exploring in the mountains.  The cairn at the end of the road tells us about a gold mine that used to be there.  We hope to check it out later.

I sometimes think about how tough life must have been for the early inhabitants of this region.  Everything is dry and dusty and prickly and just makes you need to have callouses on your hands just to go outside.  Everything is course and rough and hot and you can almost hear the rattlesnakes calling your name.  I was thinking in this frame of mind today when I took the following picture of the gnarly old dead tree. What a life it must have had living in this environment, but in the same token, every time it got a few drops of rain, it would produce beautiful green foliage to brighten up the desert and provide a little shady for any creatures trying to make their way across it.  I wonder if this is how we as humans should be no matter how old and tired we feel, maybe we can grab a couple drops of hope and provide some help to someone struggling to make it through this troubled old world.  Maybe your smile is all that person needs to make it through a tough situation.

Have a great night.


  1. Nice to get on the road again and explore some more.

  2. Love this post Lorne, especially your commentary about the gnarly old tree and your thoughts. Yes, I believe smiles make a difference in everything we do.

  3. Great post and commentary.
    I used that manner of thinking throughout my career. You could see the worn look on peoples faces so what I started doing was greeting everyone I walked by with a smile and the words Good Morning. Their frowns became smiles and it seemed to ad a spring to their step.
    Be Safe and Enjoy what those Gnarly Old Trees did for this world.

    Itt's about time.

  4. We enjoyed our time in the Olgiby Road area a few weeks ago, I hope you have a great time there!

  5. The "Gnarly Old Tree" a perfect moment.

    Celebrating the Dance

  6. Loved the comment on the migrant workers haha..
    we are leaving Camp Verde today, Cottonwood and area... and heading to Sedona !
    Say hi to Charlie for me.. what a sweetie :)


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