Monday, 13 February 2017

Surfing story

I will be posting our location at the end of our post from now on, so that everyone must read our blog to find out where we are.  Kind of like trickery I guess, but I will do anything to increase readership.  Ha Ha.

Today was the big day that Kaitlyn and Grace arrived from Manitoba.  They left Winnipeg for Calgary way before we were even thinking of waking up and then hopped another West Jet flight to San Diego about the time we were having coffee on the beach.

It wasn't long before P&H showed up at our door to join us on our patio for morning coffee.

We discussed our plans of picking up Kaitlyn at 11 at the airport and they thought they would head into town for supplies today I think.

A little story to share with you.  If you look close you will see a guy with a surf board down the beach from us.  We had watched him for a long time and he would wade into the water a little bit and them back out again and go down on one knee like he was praying or something.  He did this for the 20 minutes or so while we drank our coffee.  The waves were cresting at about 6 feet today, so we thought it should be good for surfing.  We discussed that he must be waiting for something or there was a perfect time for surfing coming up or something.  Finally I could not restrain myself and curiosity sent me down to talk to him.  I told him I was a prairie boy and didn't understand the fine art of surfing and was wondering what specific criteria he was waiting for before going out.  He said, "I'm from Lake Tahoe and I am down visiting my son who is a firefighter here in San Diego.  He is working a long shift right now so I brought his surfboard down here to try it.  Now you have to remember that I do a lot of skiing in Lake Tahoe but this is a whole different ball game.  Every time I look out there,  a series of 3 waves come crashing down and they would just crush me I'm sure, so the reason I am on the beach is because I am scared shitless to go out there!!!"  I guess that is reason enough to sit on the beach.

Sue and I headed out to pick up the kids and because the road backtracks we got a picture of the park where we are.  It is really crowded but there is lots of wide open beach area to compensate for that.

We will be heading across the Coronado Bridge to downtown San Diego.

This is the same bridge we went over yesterday with the Ponderosa and got lost on the other side and had to come back over it again to find the RV park.  Whew, that was some white knuckle driving.

As I mentioned in another post, Sue always manages to navigate us downtown in every major city in the country and true to form we headed downtown again today.

Pretty part of town where we went took us down by the harbour where there were lots of sailboats and yachts.

Around the corner and we were at the airport.  We couldn't find the parking lot the first or second trip around so had lots of time to take a picture of the sign. Finally on the third try we found it way down at the end of the arrival road.

The airport is quite large but seemed easy enough to get around in.  The information people were very friendly and informative as they should be.

Wasn't long and there they were.  We haven't seen them since September so it was nice to see them again.

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We were all spellbound by how much Grace had grown, and Kaitlyn pipes up with "Hey guys, don't I get a hug"?  It wasn't long and Amma had Grace hijacked while Kaitlyn and I waited on the luggage.

You coming mom??  She won't let go of my hand..
I saw this group of faceless people on the way out.  The art piece is called "At the gate".  I thought how true it is when we travel we are loving caring people until we kiss our sweethearts and go through the gates, and for the next while we are all just a bunch of faceless  people that no one knows, standing waiting our turn until we come off the plane at the other end and someone we know is there to meet us.  We then regain our faces as people someone knows and loves.  Sorry but I had to share that rant with you.

When we got home we had to get the kids out on the sand because a few short hours ago they were in the snow.

Kaitlyn soon found some treasures on the beach in the form of sand dollars.

Grace could care less about sand dollars and was mezzmerized by watching our feet sink in the sand as the water rushed back out to sea.

It was an exciting day today and tomorrow sound fun too.

Tonight we are at Silver Strand State Beach in Coronado California, just outside San Diego California and this is the view from our window.


  1. Wonderful day at the beach!

  2. It will be so much fun to have your daughter and granddaughter with you, have a great time 😊

  3. Nice that your family has arrived safely, enjoy your time with them. The beach looks beautiful! Love the faceless people and I'm with that surfer 100%, no way now how!

  4. Looks like a wonderful time there, nice to see the family again.

  5. Wonderful place for daughter and granddaughter to visit their grandparents. Not many people live on a beautiful California beach. I'm sure they will just love their visit and take home fond memories.


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