Monday 20 February 2017

Universal Studios

Today we headed out to Universal Studios with Kaitlyn and Grace.  Now if it was just Susan and I we would have slept in till 8:30 or so and left at 9:30, but not with our Kaitlyn around.  She had us up at 6:30 and washed and shaved and in the car by 7:50 am for the 45 minute drive to Universal.
 Here is our spot at Anaheim RV Park.  The office is right across the street.

It was quite chilly when we arrived but the excitement kept us going.

There is so much to see there it is just a visual overload.  Kaitlyn took Grace on a nice little kids ride to start the day.  You have to trust me that Grace is in there, you just can't see her.

She got to meet some of the Disney characters who were roaming around the park.

We got to go on some neat rides and some of them got us a bit wet.

Some of you may know that my favorite TV show was NOT The Simpsons, but here we were right there in downtown Springfield.  We even ate at the Krusty Burger.

I think we managed to check out most of the things in the park.

Finally it was time to check out the reason we were at Universal Studios.  The Harry Potter feature.  It was a great feature and did not disappoint.

The park is really quite spectacular after dark.  Glad we came.

Tonight we are in Anaheim RV Park, right beside Disneyland, and it was too late to take a  view from our window by the time we got home.

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  1. Looks like you had a great day. I remember visiting Disneyland back in 1979, I think it is almost time to visit it again.


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