Wednesday, 8 February 2017

What a smile!!

Moving day is always viewed as a double edged sword.  On one hand we are excited about moving on to new areas and seeing new things, but on the other hand we don't like leaving good friends behind.  This was the case today as Kyra and Joan will be staying on Ogilby Road and P&H will be moving on down the road to Holtville Hot Springs LTVA with us.
Big move today

We all had coffee on Joans deck and her friend Julie from British Columbia joined us.  As we were drinking our coffee we saw another couple walking so waved at them and they came over and talked for a while.    They introduced themselves as Mark and Pat and she also mentioned her last name as Green.  Well that was amazing because our friend Pat of P&H was Pat Green before she was married.  Our new friend Pat said that her maiden name was Pat Green as well!!!!   And of course our names are Lorne & Susan Green, and none of us are related.  Small world.

Talk got around to former jobs and New Pat mentioned that she was in the dental field  for many years.  Sue said she was wanting to get her teeth whitened in Mexico yesterday but didn't have time.  New Pat said don't worry, I do teeth whitening in my Motor Home just over the wash and for $99 bucks I will do yours this morning.  Well thats all it took and Sue headed over to get those teeth whitened.

Mark and Pats Motor Home across from us.
Sue was very pleased with the results but wasn't thrilled about me posting the before and after picture but I thought it was necessary.

I thought they looked great because I have seen so many who don't look natural for a long time afterwards.  I also think it is so neat how we can get anything we need done out here in the desert from solar to teeth whitening.  This mobile service is about half of the price that it will cost you in Mexico and Pat is fully qualified with many years experience.  Give her a call and she will tell you where she will be.

We headed west on I-8 on our trek to San Diago and once again travelled past the dunes and spotted the great Mexican/US wall.  I am quite surprised how many people don't know it exists.

Because our move was only about 30 miles we had lots of time to do some other things after we set up.  Harold and I went to town to get a haircut but only Harold got a cut because Susan had stolen my bank card and didn't give it back.  I will get my haircut tomorrow.

Besides that I couldn't decide which hair cut to get.  A Fo Hawk looks interesting.  Might try that.  Razor Fades kinda scare me.

We walked down to check out the Hot Springs.  The hot springs part is a lot smaller than we thought.  I didn't take any pictures because there were a lot of people in there.  Maybe get a picture tomorrow.  I did take pictures of the pool area which is like a tropical oasis.

Once again I couldn't get over how spectacular the sunset was again tonight.  The blue of the sky in the east is also a shade that I don't think I have ever seen.

Western sky
Eastern Sky
In our little tour of the parking areas, we saw Rick and Kathy's rig in the corner.  They write the blog called "Its About Time".  We will look them up tomorrow.


  1. We're still having Solenoid Issues but come on over.
    (P.S.) We're not early risers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Love the hot springs there usually check it out a couple time a day, almost always people there though, enjoy the area.

  3. The teeth look great Susan, and so funny that you had them done out in the desert 😊

  4. We liked the Hot Springs area as well but weren't there long enough to test the waters. Beautiful smile, Sue! I'm jealous!


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