Monday, 6 February 2017

Mexico trip

We decided that today was a great day to head to Mexico for the day.  It was a little cooler so would be nice for walking around down there.   We took the dogs to spend the afternoon with some new found friends of ours in Yuma.  They have a park model in a park on the west side of Yuma.  They are from Saskatoon Saskatchewan and love dogs so asked if they could look after Charlie and Lexi for the day.  Thanks Sandra and Monty.
 I never got permission for pictures so won't post any.  We arrived at the parking lot on the US side and parked P & H's duelly in front of a Ford Duelly.  Duelling Duellies.

We walked into Los Algadones at about 11:30 so decided to have lunch before we got going on our shopping.

There is a lovely open air dining area which is kind of like a town square in the middle of the tourist area.  We ate there last year and enjoyed it so we went back again this year.  It was good again, and the Margaritas are good.

Too many choices
Oh Wow!!!   MMM good
Harold had a Pacifico Cervaza
The meal was great and we split up after lunch.  Harold and I walked back into the town to check it out.  The first thing we noticed was the long line up for the border.  It had to be 2 miles long.

As we were walking along I spotted this bike with the custom spokes.  After seeing this one I noticed quite a few around town.  I thought it was unique.

We walked quite a distance and ended up in a wheat field.  Harold being an ex farmer had to have a look at the crop and inspect the irrigation system.  He reported that this was a nice crop.

As we walked back we remarked how much poverty there seemed to be here.  I don't like taking pictures of that part but did notice a gated house that must belong to someone of some wealth.  The guard dog did not even stir as we walked by.

Once we got back closer to the touristy area we were thirsty so stopped for a drink.  I had a freshly squeezed orange juice at a little shop, which was a treat for me.

Always love the colours

We saw a little coffee shop and I really had to do a double take.  For a moment I thought we had discovered a Tim Hortons in Mexico.

Here is the Tim Hortons logo that looks quite similar.

The vendors never end.  Even as we were lined up for our 1 hour and 15 minute wait to get across the border they kept trying to sell us stuff.  Three of us bought hats while waiting and I paid $13 Harold paid $12 bucks and the guy behind me paid $11 bucks.  I guess I got ripped off.

We spread our bargains out on the table when we got home and here are our treasures.  Its always fun to go to Mexico.

The drugs are for Charlie by the way.


  1. Always a fun time there in Los Algodones.

  2. Love the marguerites in El Pariso! We generally try to go before mid January as the line ups get to long after that.

  3. We also loved the margueritas there! The company we had was wonderful too, we went with 3 other couples. Glad you had a good day. My Kahlua is still in the cupboard, such a great deal!

  4. Looks like a nice day in Mexico! One day I will have to venture down there and take a look around.


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