Friday, 17 February 2017

Too Close Neighbours

So while reading some blogs Thursday night I ran across a blog of a friend of ours who writes Chillin with Patsy. I knew they were out around Borrego somewhere but didn't really look to see where they might be.

Now lets go back to when we arrived here earlier that evening we were in a hurry to get set up and comfortable before dark.  As I was outside doing things I mentioned to Sue that we had probably parked a little close to our neighbour, so maybe we should look at moving tomorrow.  She said we will deal with it in the morning.

Now back to the blog by Chillin with Patsy.  She wrote a little blurb in her blog that went like this "Unfortunately, just before we left we all noticed that a motor home had pulled in front of our unit. Like, seriously? With the wide-open spaces of this desert they needed to be within 50’ of our front door.
Well, maybe they won’t stick around too long, we ‘could’ be annoying if we try hard enough. Ha ha, just kidding! 
All of a sudden a little light went on in my brain and I slowly pulled the curtain to look out our window and not more than 50 feet away was the Mobile Suites 5er of Bill and Patsy.  Now I would consider them friends, but we have only ever met them a couple times, so I don't know how they will react, so now the sweat is starting to roll off my brow.  How can I talk my way out of this one.  Maybe we should just quietly leave and head for somewhere far far away.  We are too close there is no doubt but we hope they will let us stay because we know them.  I wrote a small comment back to her in her blog and went to bed but took a long time going to sleep thinking about what I might say to them in the morning.

Us, Bill and Patsy, Tom and Deb.
Well morning came and there was Bill out in the yard, so over I went with hat in hand to say sorry for being so close.  We all had a laugh and will mark this one down as a funny story to tell all of our friends.  Bill and Patsy are fantastic people and we hope to cross paths with them many times more in our travels.  We all had a good chat and then headed out in our respective travels for the day.  Patsy wrote a nice followup in her next blog.  Thanks for being understanding..

We headed into Borrego to the farmers market for some fresh veggies. Nice little market.

We checked out a few stores in town and bought some fuel and groceries and checked out the town.

After poking around town for a while we headed out to view some of the metal statues that dot the desert around here.  Borrego is noted for its desert statues.

By the time we got back home we were all beat so we had a long nap.  Today is Sues Birthday so we planned to head into town to a nice restaurant for supper.  The weather looked a little bit wild but the forcast said it wouldn't last too long.

We went to a restaurant called the Coyote Steakhouse outside Borrego.  What a nice place and what a nice supper.  They had a very nice presentation and very tasty food.  We give them 5 stars for sure.  They have a $19 special between 5 and 6:30 which includes and appetizer, entree, and dessert.   I was too hungry to take a pic of the crab cake but managed to get the rest.

This was a combined birthday supper because it was Harold's birthday on Wednesday and Sues Birthday was today.  Happy Birthday to you both.

I have to add a photo of Grace tonight.  She has a thing with Ampa's hat.  Too cute.

Tonight we are in the desert east of Borrego Springs California, on Rocky Road, and this is the view from our window.


  1. Darn Canadians, always parking on top of you. mumble mumble mumble... ;)

  2. Haha, you could of moved, that's how we knew you loved us ❤❤❤

  3. It is great having you next to us, a good laugh for sure. Hoping for many opportunities to meet again, 50 feet away or not!

  4. Happy Birthday Sue! Sorry it is late. Even though you are annoying Canadians we would have been nice to you on your special day! :) Glad you got to go our for supper. Park beside us any time.

  5. Happy Birthday Sue and enjoy your time in Borrego Springs! Other than the price of groceries it is one of our favourite locations 😊

  6. Happy Birthday Sue. I sure like the pictures of your grand daughter, she sure is a cutie.

  7. A very Belated Birthday Wish Sue and hope to see you down the road again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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