Sunday, 26 February 2017

Las Vegas here we come.

Moving Day today.  We are heading to Lake Mead because Kaitlyn will be flying home from Las Vegas on Thursday and she would like to see the bright lights of Vegas.  She has never been here before.  Kyra looked at the weather and said there was wind coming tomorrow so we opted to move today to avoid traveling in it.  We headed out about 11 am with Kyra taking 40 west and we took 40 east up to Kingman and then on to Lake Mead.  Kyra will meet us there and pick out a nice spot.

It didn't take Kaitlyn long to figure out there was a Cracker Barrel in Kingman.  She has not eaten in one for about 10 years so we thought we better go there.

Now as usual, here is my pet peeve.....Why oh why must everyone park in the RV parking area.  We came with an RV and lucky enough there was a Walmart next door because we could not of parked there.  Rant over (for now).

Sue took the opportunity to grab a few things at Walmart, so Charlie sat and waited for her.  He is such a good dog now while we are gone.  He just sits and watches for us but if we happen to leave anything edible ANYWHERE in the Ponderosa, he finds it within seconds of us leaving.

Because we came up 93 highway we got to go across the big bridge next to Hoover Dam.  Kaitlyn has never seen the dam so she was busy taking pictures and I took a picture of her taking the picture.

Kaitlyn's picture
We are going to stay near Lake Mead for a while so we purchased a 7 day pass for $20 which includes water and dump facility nearby, and garbage dumpsters and washrooms on site.  Can't beat that and if you are a geezer it is way cheaper.

We headed down to the campground that we get to dump at and soon realized that none of the water hoses had ends on them and we do not own a water bandit.  We really needed water so I had to put my thinking cap on.

Well I noticed their hose was quite small OD so I found the piece of garden hose I use to winterize the Ponderosa, and guess what?

It fit over the other hose like a glove.  Problem solved.  I am going to do some modifications to our water tank so that I can fill up either by garden hose, or by water jug, or by a hose with no end on it.  Then we will never be stumped.

So as we usually do, we found a nice spot and got all set up before we noticed the other camper near us.  I wonder if they will complain like Patsy and Bill did. lol

Maybe they are a little close because this is out our windshield.  What do you think Patsy??  Maybe we will go ask them if they want to move in the morning, that would solve the problem.

We didn't quite get everyone around for sunset so Sue and I enjoyed it.  Kyra came over just about the time the sun went behind the hill.

We had to take a picture of the kids to put in the history blog.

Tonight we are at Lake Mead on Government Wash Road 36.12391, -114.8338 and this is the view from our window. 


  1. Enjoy Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam looks nice too. So, still up to your old tricks, eh, Lorne? Some people never learn. Well, it looks like you all have a great view and Patsy approves. at least it doesn't look like a lot of choice this time. Heh heh. Hope the weather doesn't move in to strongly. Wish safe travels to Kaitlyn and Gracie.

  2. Looks like you had a nice enjoyable trip. That's good. Never seen the Hoover Dam, so thanks for the picture. Enjoy your stay at Lake Mead.

  3. Good thinking on the water hose connection full up. Sunsets over the Lake Mead area are so awesome and peaceful. So glad Kaitlyn got the chance to see Hoover Dam it is incredible and think about all that concrete used.
    Thanks for the share.


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