Wednesday 22 February 2017


Today is Disneyland Day.   Time to visit the Magical Kingdom.  Once again Kaitlyn had us up at the crack of dawn and had us shining our dancing shoes before 8 am.  We are parked right beside the Disney shuttle pickup and it is only a 5 minute ride to the park from here so off we went about 8:30.
You can see the Ponderosa from the shuttle stop.

What a crowd.  It took us over an hour to just get in the gates.

Although we were not doing the California Experience park, I said this was our Disney California Experience.

Once inside the park the crowd seemed to disperse a little bit, however the first ride we went on was a 90 minute wait.  That was the longest wait of the day.

My favourite ride of the day was the Small world ride.  It was a kids ride in a boat which floated along along a lazy river through a huge display of all of the things that you would see in different parts of the world while all the time playing the song "Its a small world after all".  The ride lasted about 15 minutes and was very well done.  Grace loved it as well.  It goes to show that rides don't have to be fast and furious for adults to enjoy.

And of course what is Disney with out good old Goofy!!

The riverboat with the Arizona style mountain in the background made for a great night time visual.  Disney is all about visual stimulation, and they sure know how to do it right.

And I still get goosebumps every time I see the castle which is the main stay of the Magic Kingdom.  It is not as spectacular as the one in Florida, but every time I see it I remember watching Disney as a kid and that castle was the first thing you saw when the show started.

It was another great day for everyone, and Grace has done so well with having her schedules all mixed up and keeping her up late with no naps.  Poor Kaitlyn will spend a month putting her back on schedule.  No wait, Grace will be fine, I think it will be Kaitlyn that will have trouble re adjusting.

Tonight we are in  Anaheim RV Park, right beside Disneyland, and this is the view from our window today.

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