Thursday 22 February 2018

A Little Road Trip

We took a little road trip today to check out some different areas of interest that may be accessible for free dry camping around Parker AZ.  As soon as you get anywhere near water, it seems like the snowbirds with deep pockets are there already, packed in like sardines.  We actually saw one RV park where if you were parked side by side and you both had slides on opposing sides, you would not be able to walk between the RV's.  l can't imagine doing that for 6 months of the year.  I often hear the words of the song Willie Nelson sang.... Give me land lots of land under starry skies above, don't fence me in.  He was my kind of guy.  We did find a couple of nice spots down near the Colorado River just outside Parker.  We may try one of them out for a night. 

Most of the other areas were inhabited and there were some really nice houses perched above the river.  It would be a nice area to live in.  It was a nice winding drive heading north out of Parker towards the dam.  We just took it easy as any senior would.  I guess that is why old people have bad hearing, so they don't here the horns honking behind them.

We turned off 95 highway and headed over towards the Parker Dam.  Our intention was to head back south on the California side of the River by crossing over the dam. 

Just before the dam was a nice little lookout area up on the side of the mountain above it.  Sue got out to take some pictures and I stayed in where it was warm and took a picture of her.

We had a nice day out touring the country and even ran into a little buddy along the way.  We always love the wild burrows that inhabit this part of the country.

The view out our window tonight was an empty happy hour area, because no one was there to be happy except our Clayton.  The wind chime in the window is there to remind us of our grandson Clayton in Heaven!!!  Whenever it chimes we say that it is Clayton laughing.

Our Location tonight:  Boon docking at West La Posa LTVA, near Quartzsite AZ   33.6572 - 114.228


  1. Looks like a nice tour and a nice day for it. It seems you have found a great spot along the river.
    love the little burro, he looks young.

  2. We may try the river spot for a day on our way through to Lake Havasu


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