Wednesday 21 February 2018

Wash Day

The Ponderosa has not had a good wash and wax for quite some time.  Being an older fiberglass body MH makes de oxydizing a necessity to stop the white streaks from running down the sides.  And lots of wax afterwards.  We decided to get Roberts RV was to do the job.  They arrived at to start the job.

We had started our morning happy hour by this time so we all moved our chairs back and watched the whole process.

A couple of young guys grabbed the power washer and the pail and soap and went to work.  They were done in about and hour with the wash and said they were leaving for a while to let the MH dry so they could apply the de oxidizer.

I had the afternoon to putter some more and after coffee I decided to take a run over to South La Posa to see if our friends Rick and Kathy (Its About Time) were around.  Sure enough they were and I had a great visit with them. 

Gord and Mavis headed out to explore on the Victory.  That is a neat way to travel around and they seem to enjoy riding the country.

About 5 pm Sue texted me to tell me the guys were back working on the Ponderosa.  I hustled home so I could watch the performance as well. 

I will not write a complete critique of the quality, but only say that it was a couple of young guys who didn't pay a lot of attention to detail.  The finished product is ok, but a bit less than we expected.

This is the view from our window today:

Our Location tonight:  Boon docking at West La Posa LTVA, near Quartzsite AZ   33.6572 - 114.228


  1. Glad we had a chance for the great visit and we'll try to stop by to see you and Sue before you leave.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Too bad you weren't happy with the job. Sometimes it's just hard to know who to pick and choose.

    Glad you managed a visit with fellow bloggers.

    1. It was still a good job of wash and wax, just not the little extra I expected for the price.


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