Saturday 17 February 2018

Happy Birthday Susan!!!

Today was Sues Birthday and it started off much the same as any day.  Come to think of it most of the day was just like any other day.  lol.   Sue had decided to take me to the stock car races in Yuma for her birthday.  Of course I made the sacrifice and said yes.  Ed and Lessie had not been to car races in a long time so we brought them with us.  First stop (after a bathroom break behind a tree along the road, because it is and hour and a half to Yuma with no bathrooms along the way) was the Arizona Marketplace in Yuma.  We like this Market because it is more RV orientated than the Mesa one.

As always there is some form of entertainment around the lunch hour.  We didn't stop to listen today.

We picked up a few treasures in the couple hours we were there and got our daily dose of exercise.  A quick stop at Walmart and then it was senior supper time.  My watch said 4:00 pm.  The reason for the early supper is that we want to be at the racetrack shortly after 6.  Guess where Sue told me I could take her for her birthday supper?

Yup you guessed it, Red Lobster.

I had a card and Sues Birthday present ready to present to her.  All week she has been trying to find a brown permanent marker to touch up some scratches in the floor in the Ponderosa.  Well it was like it was my super lucky day because when we stopped at Walmart, there were a package of markers guessed it, a brown marker in it.  Whew, that was just under the wire because, as of 3:30, I had nothing for her yet!!!  I think she was thrilled!!!  She even mentioned to the waiter what her darling husband had bought her.   The waiter quickly responded that it was a lovely present and probably a way of me saying that she must have made a  permanent mark on my life!!!  It was the perfect response.  Almost brought me to tears, and was worth a fist bump to him from me.  Sue mumbled something about making a permanent mark on me tonight when I was sleeping!!!  Glad she was pleased.

So happy!!
It was a really nice supper and Sue even got the free desert without the staff singing to her as per her request.  They told us we really didn't want to hear them sing anyway.

We headed out to the Cocopah Speedway and got there about 6:30.  We found some good seats about half way up and settled in for a fun, noisy evening.  It was fun watching Ed and Lessie anticipating what was to come.

I caught a neat picture of a cowboy in the setting sun. 

It was soon time for the noise and the excitement. All night long we picked cars in each race and kept track of our points.  3 for a win, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd.  Sue ended up with 18 for the most points and I had 10 for the least points.  Ed and Lessie were somewhere in the middle.

Green light racing!!

It was so much fun watching Lessie getting right into the racing.  She seemed to love every #7 that came out and did very well with them.

When it came time for the last race, there were some people in front of us who were doing a little wager on it.  A guy (arrow #1) was collecting $2.00 to enter, winner takes all.  They asked us if we wanted to join in and the girl next to me (arrow #2) assured me it was legit and even helped me pick a car.  We picked #755 which was driven by Jeff Taylor.  Now because we know a Jeff Taylor at home, we thought maybe it would be good luck. 

Everyone figuring out what car to pick.
So the race started and low and behold our guy was in second place quicker than you could say "Jack Sprat"!!   He stayed in second for most of the race.  It sure made it interesting.  There was a battle the whole race between the front runners.  At the end of the race things got all messed up and we finished out of the money.  Actually a car from Saskatchewan won the race and the ladies (arrow #3) collected the money.  Probably 40 bucks or so.   It's neat that we can go to a strange place and meet people as nice as the young lady that helped us.  She made us feel like a part of this little group and for a short while we were part of this racing community.  Thanks whoever you are!!

Our car #1 and winner #2
After a wonderful day with excitement, celebration, and good company, we headed for home.  I will use the sunset at the racetrack as the view from where we sat this evening.

Our Location tonight:  Boon docking at West La Posa LTVA, near Quartzsite AZ   33.6572 - 114.228


  1. We have always wanted to go out to the racetrack but somehow it has never happened. We will have to make a better effort next year. Happy birthday Sue :-)

    1. Racing is fun. Lake Havasu has a track as well. Sue says thanks.

  2. What fun! Happy Birthday, Sue! You got the best present ever!! What a sweet guy, Lorne is! :D
    We've also talked often about going to a race track but usually back home and we never get there. Must make a point, of course, down here would be more fun, I think.

    1. I thought I did good with the present!! lol We will see how this plays out.

  3. Happy Birthday Sue!!! It looks like you had the perfect day, as well as the perfect gift. He thinks of everything, doesn't he? Hahaha...

    What an exciting time at the track. Thanks for taking me along. I've found that most 'communities' are happy to include new comers in their midst, to bring you along and show how you things work. Plus in this case, you added to the pool money.

    Loved the cowboy picture!!!! The sunset was very nice too.

    1. Yes as long as you bring cash almost anyone will include you in anything.

  4. What a birthday for Sue! And a great present too. Dolly and I always go to Red Lobster for our birthdays. A tradition for us. Love their food.

    Glad you two had fun and enjoyed a stock car race to boot.

    Happy birthday, Sue!

    1. We really had a good day. Red Lobster is not my favorite but it is good. I'm more of a Golden Corral type of guys lol.

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