Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Another Fixing day in the Desert

Every once in a while we need a fixing day and today was that day for Pat and Harold.  Along with buying a new to them used RV comes the challenge of figuring out what all the buttons are for and how all the different systems work.  So today we devoted some time to crawling over the Alfa, getting to know it.  First change was to take out 2 old Costco deep cells and hook up the newer batteries they kept from their old 5th wheel. 

We got that job done between coffee breaks and it was time to shut the lid on that project.

Then it was time to replace the TV with a nice new flat screen.  It was quite simple because the old tv was mounted on a swivel and they just took it off and bolted the new one on.   Project #2 done!!

It wasn't long and it was time for Happy Hour.  We never get tired of the get togethers we have because we accomplish a lot every time.

Here is how our little group looks out in the desert near Ogilby Road.

And here is the Ponderosa against the mountains.  The pile of Black rock is not man made, but rather must be from some sort of volcanic action a long time ago.

Here is the view from our window tonight:

Our Location Today: Boondocking near Ogilby Road, Winterhaven CA. 32.8572 -114.8343

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