Saturday 3 February 2018

Another walk in the Desert

Today was putter around day at the Ponderosa.  Started the day with coffee happy hour and decided that Sue, Angela, Lessie and Ed were going to the Mesa Market Swap Meet, Pat and Harold were going back on the RV search, and Chuck and I would stay home with the dogs and go for a nice walk in the desert.  Sounds good to me.  Chuck and I and Charlie headed out about 11:00 towards the Ghost town.

Ghost town back there.
There is an area back a ways from us that has some interesting rock formations.  They are the only ones in this vicinity that we can find.  Its like a massive round rock, and off to the right are a couple more.

We always marvel at some of the messes that are left behind in the desert.  Not sure what a bunch of shoes and a toolbox have in common but someone forgot them at some point.

One of the things we discussed today at happy hour was when we will move on.  I checked the weather and what do you think?  Yup your right, I think we should hang out here for another week or so.

Here is the view out our bedroom window today:

Our Location tonight:  BLM near Superstition Mountain, Apache Jnct. AZ  33.4602 - 111.5085  Boondocking


  1. Sounds like an excellent day, I love walking and seeing new things. Looks like the dump was to make more room or lighten the load. I don't understand why people can find a trash bin for that stuff.

  2. Just caught up with my reading. I can see why you would stay there for a couple of more weeks great views and temperatures. Plus, it sounds like you have been having fun making memories.
    Always enjoy your view out the window.

  3. I'm definitely planning a trip out that way next winter if it's THAT warm!!!

  4. Glad that you are having great weather! We visited the Superstitious Mountains way back in 2006 or so and really loved it there. We were tent camping so we stayed in the state park there. Nice that you got a walk in the desert.


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