Sunday 25 February 2018

One Mans Junk is another Mans Treasure

One thing I have not accomplished yet on our stay in Q is to visit the never ending junk sale along Main Street by the Post Office.  It is an amazing place to visit because there is stuff there that I am not sure anyone who has a lick of sense would want.  Everything is old and rusty and broken but I'm sure there are treasures there as well.  I just can not see them.  None the less, it is fun to just walk through and see what they have so that is how I passed a couple hours today.

As I was preparing to leave, I spotted an interesting Jeep being pulled behind a Motor Home from BC.  It had Lammerts Watercars written on the side of it and obviously was amphibious in some sort of way.

Somehow the big pontoons on the roof swing down beside the wheels and the things floats.  There is an outboard motor on the back and away you go.  How neat is that.  I would love to see it work.

After I got back from town we got the deck set for when Rick and Kathy (Its About Time) arrived.  We had set a date for 3 pm today to get together.  It seems that most times we have run into each other, one or the other has something going on and it is a brief visit so today was a great chance to get to know each other without hurrying.  Thanks for sharing Happy Hour with us, and we wish you Safe Travels and hope our paths will cross again soon.

As we were sitting there the shadows began to creep across the mountains in the distance and the Sleeping Indian became very clear.  Can you spot him?

He is laying there with his face showing over the little hill in the foreground.  He is almost more visible from here than he is from South La Posa.

Here is a close up of his face.

Here is the view from our window tonight with Pat and Harold back in our circle.

Our Location tonight:  Boon docking at Dome Rock BLM, near Quartzsite AZ   33.6398 - 114.3136


  1. Sounds like you have been busy seeing the sights in Quartzsite. We have visited the Hi Jolly Cemetery, never knew there was a tour that would be interesting. Now we know why the boat is there $165 seems a little steep even to be able to say you were aboard a boat in the
    Will have to look for the Sleeping Indian when we come through this weekend.
    Nice that you were able to finally connect with Rick and Kathy.
    Plus, your friends new motor home looks really nice looking forward to the "tour".

  2. Interesting jeep, I would like to see it work too.

    You can't see the treasure for all the rust. Otherwise they would jump off the display table in record time.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Love the sleeping Indian. I never noticed him before.

    Enjoy your time at Dome Rock.

  3. You just never know what you'll see in the desert or anywhere on this journey!
    the jeep shows ingenuity for sure!
    The sleeping Indian is cool, how ever did you find that? After a drink or before? :)

  4. I thought everyone knew about the sleeping Indian!!! We were shown that 3 years ago by someone, can't remember who. Maybe George. It is directly east of South La Posa.. And further south is the sleeping Sulton.


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