Monday 26 February 2018

In Search of Warmth

We are sick and tired of waiting for tomorrow to be warmer.  Quartzsite has been on the cooler side since we got here and the days have been breezy, so Pat said lets head south.  Now we are not quite ready for Mexico with the Ponderosa yet so we decided to got to Ogilby Road which is west of Yuma.

We didn't get in a rush today but rather sat around morning Happy hour until almost 11 am.   Kyra is not coming with us because she has to tend to some medical issues with one of her cats.  Ed and Lessie don't want to leave today because their friend Melvin is going to be in Q with his truck today and they want to visit with him.  So that just leaves the Ponderosa and Goldie heading south today. After we had all that figured out,  Sue and I decided to do laundry and have lunch at the Main Street Laundry while Pat and Harold got their paper work on Goldie done.

I know, I know, all you early risers and early travelers are yelling "Get on the road"!!!   Not us.  We live by a different clock I guess.  Laundry was all done and we were back to the Ponderosa by 3.  Quick get ready and shower and off to South La Posa to dump and take on water, then to the RV Pit Stop for Propane.  All ready to go by 4:45.  Only 100 miles to go so we should be ok.  Off we went and as we got to Blythe and turned south on #78 everything turned green.  That is something I miss when in Arizona is the green.  I guess I would miss it at home too, but at least it is a nice white there.

A lot of the hay land is being cut ready to bale.  That makes me think it is late summer, when really it is early spring.  I don't know about the rest of you northerners, but I have a real tough time trying to remember what time of year it is.  Hard to believe it is late winter.  Sorry about the dog nose prints on the window.  Charlie likes to look out occasionally too!!!

It is nice to see all the water in the canals along the highway.  I sure marvel at the work that is put in to supplying a water source for all of the lush green crops around here.

It wasn't long and the green gave way to the desert again and we were back in the hills and dust and dirt.  We are heading back to a spot where we were a year ago, where we will go on a couple of day trips to Algadones and Yuma to get some things we need (or maybe want).

About 7 pm Arizona time we pulled into our spot just a few miles north of I-8 on Ogilvy Road.  We found a nice little site and will hang out here for the next 3 days.  

The view out our window tonight:

Our Location Today: Boondocking near Ogilby Road, Winterhaven CA. 32.8572 -114.8343


  1. Wow, you're just getting on the road by the time I'm certain to be off. Nice drive though, I too have a difficult time remembering the time of year it is.

    Looks like you're all set to enjoy a few days there. Glad some of your friends could make the trip too.

    Thanks again for the wonderful posts from Superstition Mountains, without them I'm not sure I would have journeyed here and I would have truly missed a wonderful experience. Thanks again.

    Safe travels, enjoy Yuma and the area.

  2. You are so close to us and we would love to come by and have a visit, but we are heading out on Saturday and our last few days here are pretty busy. We hope our paths cross next year.


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